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EP class 2003

Ecological Planning Class of 2003

  • Jon KartJon Kart
    on has spent most of the past ten years immersed in the deep, lush forests of Pacific Northwest working for groups such as the Audubon Society and the Oregon Natural Resources Council trying to keep old-growth forests, wilderness lands and wild salmon healthy and alive. HeÍs come to Vermont and the EP program to gain a deeper understanding of the pieces, patterns and processes that make wild places tick, and what to do to keep them ticking.

  • Kerstin LangeKerstin Lange
    grew up in Northern Germany where, as a child, she connected strongly with the wind-swept landscapes of the North Sea islands. From this first love of a place grew a curiosity about the ways in which human populations and their environments interact. Her love of the Northeastern forests and a fascination with the state's natural and cultural history brought Kerstin to Vermont in 1995. She believes that a strong sense of place is essential in developing a conservation ethic and came to the EP program in order to acquire a deeper understanding of the natural world and of the tools of conservation. 

  • Josh Rapp Josh Rapp
    has spent the past several years exploring the world, most recently through field jobs studying Darwin's fox in south-central Chile and marbled murrelets in coastal California. He is fascinated by the workings of the natural world and his travels have convinced him that, in this rapidly developing world, there is a great need to protect the remaining wild places. "I'm an EP because I want to be able to interpret the landscapes I find myself in and share my understanding and knowledge with others." 

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