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EP class 2001

Ecological Planning Class of 2001

  • Brian CarlsonBrian Carlson
    Brian is a Vermont native and has witnessed a slow change creeping across the Vermont landscape. One by one, farms and forested hillsides around his home have been converted to housing and roads. Brian is seeking further training in resolving conflicts between economic needs of communities and the maintenance of biological diversity and healthy ecosystems.

  • Heather Fitzgerald Heather Fitzgerald
    Heather has been involved with various ecological projects ranging from sorting blades of grass at a research center in Minnesota to teaching environmental education with a non-profit. She finds people can be touched vividly by sense of place. and it is from there that they gain an understanding of how their actions affect their surroundings. "The EP program is giving me the tools to know the pieces of a place and put them together in a job where I can make them visible."

  • Jillian Liner (Butler) Jillian Liner (Butler)
    Jillian most recently comes to us from Montana where she researched nesting golden eagles and spent summers wrangling at a dude ranch. Although much of her past work involved field research, she desired more training in the management and planning of conservation lands and chose to continue her education in ecological planning. Jillian's master's project is a threat analysis for a site conservation plan for the Berlin Watershed, Vermont.

  • Photo not available Elissa Arnheim
    Prior to coming to UVM, Elissa spent time in the Pacific Northwest chasing pygmy owls and teaching at the Olympic Park Institute. "The reason I am here is that I want to do conservation, and this program is all about doing."

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