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ENSC 1: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

ENSC 1 Assignment 4
Assignment #5
Due Date: November 5, 2013

Write a 1 and ½ page essay (double-spaced using 12 point type size, excluding figures and tables) stating your position on the future of the Vermont Yankee (VY) nuclear power plant. Start your essay with an introduction giving a brief description of VY; support your position, either for or against, with at least three arguments in the body of the text; and finish your essay with a concluding paragraph summarizing your position. In your essay, you must refer to the Point-Counterpoint debate on pages 305-307 of your textbook and include at least two additional outside references, which must be listed at the end of your essay. You don’t need to include the Point-Counterpoint debate in your list of citations.

The essay will be graded as follows:

Introduction: 10%
Body of paper: 60%
Conclusion: 10%
Organization: 10%
Grammar: 10%

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