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RSENR Business Center vehicles

How To: Use a RSENR Vehicle - Prius, Trucks and Vans


  • RBSC Help Desk for key pick up and maintenance issues, Aiken Room 304 or call 656-2592
  • Faculty needing assistance with making a reservation should see the Receptionist in the Dean’s Suite, room 220 or call 656-2911
  • Staff experiencing technical I.T. challenges should refer to Seth O’Brien at 802-656-0715, Aiken Room 203

All vehicle reservations are made via the calendaring system in Outlook on your PC or via the internet, “Outlook for the Web”. See instructions below.

Keys are picked up in the RBSC Help Desk Office - Aiken Room 304. A valid driver's license must be presented for all drivers.

Note: The business hours for Room 304 are:

  • Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • The office is closed for the lunch hour (12:00-1:00pm).

If you need to pick up keys during off hours, please contact the RBSC to make prior arrangements during business hours: 656-2592.

Only authorized drivers affiliated with the University of Vermont in the capacity of faculty, staff, or student shall be permitted to drive a University vehicle. In order to be authorized to drive a UVM vehicle, you must complete the UVM Risk Management's Driver Training. Please use the link below and follow the instructions for online training, required forms, and information:

How to:

Step 1:
All drivers must be 19 years old and hold a valid U.S. or Canadian license and fully understand the UVM Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle Use Policy which can be found here:

Step 2:
Go into Outlook Calendar by following the steps below (If you do NOT have Outlook client installed on your computer, please skip down to the Outlook for Web instructions below:

  • Open Outlook and go to your calendar.
  • Click New Meeting (Outlook treats the vehicles as people so you are basically inviting the vehicle to a meeting).
  • In "To:" field enter the name of the vehicle you are looking to reserve:
    • RS_Veh: Prius
    • RS_Veh: 4WD 2 Door
    • RS_Veh: 4WD 4 Door
    • RS_Veh: Van GKS987
    • RS_Veh: Van GKS988
    • RS_Veh: Gem 2 Passenger
    • RS_Veh: Gem 4 Passenger
  • In the Subject field enter description of use.
  • Enter your desired reservation time.
  • In the main notes field enter the chart string that usage will be billed to.
  • You may click scheduling assistant to view available or busy times near the timeframe you set.
  • Click Send.
  • You will receive a accepted or declined email immediately - if you do not receive an accepted email you have NOT sucessfully reserved the vehicle - please save this email for your records.


  • Go to
  • Login if it asks.
  • Click on nine squares icon in top left.
  • Choose calendar.
  • Click New.
  • Find vehicle by typing RS_Veh into "Add People" box on right.
  • Enter your description of use.
  • Enter your reservation time.
  • Enter chart string in main notes section.
  • Click scheduling assistant to see if vehicle is available.
  • Click Save.
  • You will receive a accepted or declined email immediately - if you do not receive an accepted email you have NOT sucessfully reserved the vehicle - please save this email for your records.


Step 3:
Make sure you have entered all the required information into the reservation when you receive the confirmation email:

  • Vehicle you are reserving
  • Description of reservation
  • Dates and times of use (Note: There is a half day rate for reservations 0 - 4 hours long.)
  • Chart string or project id

Step 4:
Pick up keys:

  • For the 2 door truck: Please contact Steve Cluett (859-3086) at the Rubenstein Lab, College Street, on the lakefront for key pick up and return.
  • For the prius, 4 door truck, and vans only: Pick up the key from room 304 in the Aiken Center. Prior to handing out any keys, the Business Service Center Staff will review your Oracle calendar entry and verify the chart string or project id number, and verify valid driver's license(s).

Step 5:
Immediately upon your return to campus, return the key to room 304 in Aiken or the drop box located by the door to room 304 (or to Rubenstein Lab for the 2 door truck).

Other Information:

Usage Rates

Your chartstring or project will be charged for using the vehicle. View usage rates. Rates change annually.

Gas Cards

You will find a gas card in the pouch inside the vehicle. Please leave the card and all gas receipts in the pouch. If this will be your first time using the gas card you will need to contact RBSC Room 304 Aiken, 802-656-2592,, so a pin number can be created for you. The pin number identifies you as the user. (In the event of an audit this information would cross reference to the vehicle log sheet.) When you are at the gas pump, it will ask you for the vehicle mileage odometer reading and your pin number.

Log Sheet

There is a vehicle log sheet in the vehicle that requires very little information so please be sure to fill in all of the fields. (Date, name, starting mileage, ending mileage, project id or chart string, Time out, Time in). If there is missing information on any of the previous lines, please do not follow that pattern, just fill in the required fields. If we could give you a prize for filling in all the fields, we would. Chocolate anyone?

Note: We realize that we are asking for some of the same information on both the calendar and the log sheet, and we apologize for the inconvenience but this process allows us to be more efficient in our month end process for billing. The calendar entries help us to be proactive before the vehicle is used and to bring awareness to folks that there is an associated fee for the use. The log sheet provides additional information that is reviewed after use and not captured on the calendar. If you think you have a situation that is different from the normal business practice, please see Kathleen. Our goal is to keep the vehicle cost down as low as possible for all users and this can only occur if we have complete, accurate information and the vehicle is being used on a regular basis. Thank you!

User Reminders:

  • Please remember that any trash you have accumulated inside the vehicle needs to exit with you.
  • If you notice any vehicle messages on the dash board or maintenance issues please let the RBSC know at
  • Prius vehicle has step by step instructions on starting and stopping. Please review these instructions (which are with the log sheet) prior to operating the vehicle.

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