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RSENR Business Service Center temporary hire

How To: Temporary Hire

Primary Contact: Jacqueline Bruning 656-6172
Secondary Contact: Kathleen Wells 656-1355

STEP #1: Think about the duties that are required and the time-frame that this person will be working for you. Based on the duties, determine an hourly rate that is appropriate for the position — you may contact the RSENR Business Service Center for assistance in determining other like positions in the school and what the hourly rate is for these existing positions.

STEP #2: Identify the individual that you would like to hire and make the offer.

STEP #3: Is the person a UVM student? Identifying the student status is an important consideration. The person must be enrolled in credit bearing classes at UVM to be considered a student. There are benefit implications for the budget based upon the employee's status. (Students do not have benefits charged against their UVM wages; non-students do have benefits charged against their UVM wages).

STEP #4: Forms. A TEMPORARY WAGE EMPLOYEE MUST NOT BEGIN WORKING AT UVM AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER HOURS WORKED UNTIL THE FOLLOWING FORMS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED AND DELIVERED TO THE RSENR BUSINESS SERVICE CENTER. (Please note that there are federal regulations that require forms to be completed prior to employment.) In the event that you need to begin employment and are unable to complete any of the forms listed below, please contact the RSENR Business Service Center for additional guidance and assistance:

  1. Temporary Employee Payroll Form. The top of this form is to be completed by the person you wish to hire. Section B is to be completed by you. Include the Job Title/Description; Job Code (example: 0996 for temporary hourly employee); Start Date; End Date; Pay Rate; Leave Combo Code blank (this will be assigned based upon your chartstring and student/non-student status); fill in the chartstring (leave the Account blank); obtain the Supervisor's signature if this isn't you; enter the UVM ID; Date; Department; Phone #; and Email.
  2. W4
  3. W4-VT
  4. Form I-9 must be completed if the person has never worked for UVM, or it has been more than one year since their last employment at UVM. This form requires the new hire to bring original identification (as outlined in the form's instruction pages) to be viewed by the supervisor or RSENR Business Service Center and authorized as such — you may not use copies of identification forms, they must be originals. (Please contact the RSENR Business Service Center if the employee is out of state/country and unable to bring these forms to the supervisor or the RSENR Business Service Center).

STEP #5: After all of the materials are received by the RSENR Business Service Center a combo code will be assigned and the materials forwarded to Human Resources. An email will be sent to the Supervisor with the combo code and instructions for the temporary employee on how to activate their UVM ID for access into PeopleSoft. It also contains instructions on how to enter the hours worked and instructions on how to approve hours. It is the Supervisor's responsibility to inform their temporary employee of the combo code and the instructions.

Note: For Faculty Only — Delegate Form. This form can be completed to authorize someone other than the supervisor to approve hours worked.

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