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RSENR Business Service Center forms


Primary Contact: Kathleen Wells 656-1355
Secondary Contact: Rose Feenan 656-3326

Financial Forms

Accounts Receivable / Billing (non-student)

Agreement Template Form for Consultant or Professional Services (DOC)

Cash Deposit - For use by Business Support Staff Only

Check Request Form - single (XLS)

Check Request Form - multi (XLS)

Employee vs. Independent Contractor Status Determination (PDF) - This form must be completed for all purchases of services from individuals (using a Social Security number to report taxes).

Foreign Payments:



  • Single/Sole Source Justification Form
  • Quotation Evaluation Form
  • Speaker Engagement Letter
  • Speaker Engagement Letter Template Procedure
  • Consulting Services Agreement

Receipt Substitution Form (PDF)


W-9 Form for New Vendor (DOCX) - This form must be on file with Purchasing for all vendors paid by UVM.

Vermont Sales Tax Exemption - Form which exempts UVM of Vermont state sales tax

Human Resources Forms

Direct Deposit Request (including a Notice of Federal Requirements)

Direct Deposit Compliance Form - OFAC (PDF)

Employee Information Form (XLS) Fill out in Excel and print.

Employee Information Form (PDF) Print and fill out.

Form I-9 (PDF)

Form W-4 (PDF)

Form W-4 VT (PDF)

Leave of Absence (PDF)

Parental Leave Request - Faculty (PDF)

RSENR Internal: Delegate Form (PDF)

Salary Payment Schedule - Faculty (PDF)

Temporary Employee Offer Letter Template (DOCX)

Temporary Employee Payroll Form (PDF)

Grant Forms

No-Cost Extension Request on SPA website

Advance Account Request Form on SPA website

Forms for New Employees

Position Description for Staff (DOC)

Sample Offer Letter (DOC)

Employee Information Form (XLS) Fill out in Excel and print.

Form I-9 (PDF)

Form W-4 (PDF)

Form W-4 VT (PDF)

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