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RSENR Business Service Center new employee

How To: For New Employees

Primary Contact: Your Supervisor
Secondary Contact: Rose Feenan 656-3326

Welcome to the University of Vermont and the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources! We hope the steps below provide you with administrative information on how to get started in your new position. Your supervisor should always be your first point of contact for information, but please feel free to contact the Assistant Dean for Business Operations, Rose Feenan, with any questions that you may have.

The instructions below are intended for new faculty and staff employees only. Temporary Wage Employees as well as Funded Graduate Students will work with their supervisors/advisors on their specific needs.

Here are the steps that must be followed to ensure you have access to the necessary systems and facilities at UVM.

STEP 1: Sign your appointment letter and return it to your supervisor.

STEP 2: Complete the following paperwork and return it with your signed appointment letter or provide it to the RSENR Business Service Center:

STEP 3: Receive your email invitation to UVM Orientation. Once you have signed and returned your appointment letter, you will receive an email from the Assistant Dean for Business Operations informing you of your registration at UVM Orientation.

  • New faculty are required to register for orientation on-line. Orientation is held in August of each year and Instructions are included in your appointment letter.
  • New staff are also required to attend orientation. This is normally your first day of work (Monday) and is an all day event.

STEP 4: Once you are registered for Orientation, you will receive an email with complete information on location and agenda from the UVM Orientation Office. Benefit information will also be forwarded to you. If you have not received Orientation information please contact Rose Feenan as soon as possible. You are responsible for letting your supervisor know which day you will be attending UVM Orientation.

STEP 5: Locate your name in the UVM Directory. The RSENR Business Service Center will send all required paperwork to the UVM Human Resource Office to set you up in the systems. You will know when you have been entered into the system by navigating to the UVM Directory, entering your name in the Search box, and getting your name as a result. (Note: The process of updating the Directory with a new employee can take several days or weeks depending on your official start date).

STEP 6: Once you are listed in the UVM Directory, you can activate your UVM The last field of information in the Directory is your You will activate your by going to UVM Network ID & Account Management and clicking on the "Activate your UVM NetID account" link. This will take you through the process of activating your and assigning yourself a password. You now have access to your UVM email (webmail version supported by UVM) and depending on your start date, you may have PeopleSoft access (See How to: PeopleSoft.).

STEP 7: Have your supervisor lead you through the following processes:

  • CATCard (this is your UVM ID and your key access to many buildings)
  • Facility Access
  • Parking
  • Office location (equipment and furnishing needs)
  • Supplies
  • Introductions
  • Addition to RSENR online faculty/staff directory (contact Shari Halik)

STEP 8: For your Business Service needs, please use the RSENR Business Service Center website pages for advice and guidance on finances, human resources, grants management, forms, and PeopleSoft basics and always feel free to contact any of the Business Service Center staff for help!

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