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The RSENR Stewards is a group of Rubenstein students who strive to build a stronger Rubenstein community by welcoming all students, supporting undergrads throughout their years here, and preparing them to graduate. Come and chat with us in Room 219 Aiken Center or e-mail :

Student Services

Welcome to the Rubenstein School. The Student Services folks are here to help students navigate the many processes and opportunities in RSENR and across UVM. If you have questions about your major, are looking for a form or an internship, need help or encouragement of any kind, or simply want to visit, we are here to help.

Our Student Services staff are housed in both the Aiken Center Dean's Office and the Bittersweet Building. These pages provide information about our many services as well as connect you to the proper person or office. Please take some time to explore here as many of your questions can likely be answered with some research.

Our success is deeply connected to your success. Let us welcome you again and we all look forward to working with you.

Meet Our Student Services Staff

Marie Vea-Fagnant

Marie Vea-Fagnant - Assistant Dean for Student Services & Staff Development, 220F Aiken Center 802-656-3003
Coordinate student services & support staff; Student issues (academic, personal, social); Consultation & Approval for Late Withdrawals, Medical Withdrawals, and Incompletes; Liaison to Dean of Students, ACCESS, Counseling & Psychiatric Services, ALANA Student Center and other UVM support services; Work Study Program contact; Network with other UVM Dean's Office Student Services

Undergraduate Student Services

Marcia Caldwell

Marcia Caldwell, Administrative Assistant, 314 Aiken Center, 802-656-3010
Senior Records Check for October /December/May grads; Evaluation of transfer courses; Assist students with registration/advising issues; Leave of Absence; Study Abroad Approval; Dean's List; Assigning Major Advisors

Marcie Newland

Marcie Newland, Office Program Support, 304 Aiken Center, 802-656-2911
CATS (Curriculum Audit Tracking System) Exceptions; Course substitutions/waivers; 3-course sequence; Courses for Integrated NR Program; Internal Transfer Process; Add/change majors, minors, concentrations

Emilie Riddle

Emilie Riddle, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, 220E Aiken Center, 802-656-2675
Recruitment & Admissions; Tours for prospective students & families; Admission events (Open Houses and Admitted Student Visit Days); New First Year & Transfer Student Orientation; Outreach activities; Homecoming; High School Student Visits (Green Across the Pacific); College/Career Fairs; First Year Advisor Support; USDA Multicultural Scholars Grant Management; RSENR-specific scholarship programs; Honors & Studies Committee

Undergraduate Student Services - Environmental Studies Program

Elizabeth Getchell

Elizabeth (Ibit) Wright Getchell, Student Services Coordinator in ENVS, Room 212 Bittersweet Building, 802-656-0176
ENVS Student academic advising (academic, personal, social); ENVS student referrals for external programs, study abroad, internships, jobs; Environmental Program website management; Environmental Program communications, special event planning; Network with other UVM Dean's Office Student Services and campus services; FAQ's

Graduate Student Services

Carolyn Goodwin-Kueffner

Carolyn Goodwin Kueffner, Graduate Program Student Services Specialist, 220A Aiken Center, 802-656-2511
Management of RSENR Graduate Program and all things related (applications, symposium, fellows, etc); Prospective & Current graduate student support

Office of Experiential Learning

Anna Smiles-Becker

Anna Smiles-Becker, Career Counselor & Internship Coordinator, 220G Aiken Center, 802-656-3002
Rubenstein School Internship Program; Internship/research/employment opportunities; Career advisement (resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, networking, and job search; RSENR Stewards leadership program

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