University of Vermont


Matthew Beam

Matthew Beam

Research Specialist / Eco-Machine

Phone: 802-656-6105
Office: 212 Aiken Center

Areas of Interest

Design and testing of ecosystem- based technologies for: water and wastewater treatment, green buildings and biophilic design, stormwater reduction, ecosystem remediation and aquaculture; Design of a new generation of wind-powered work boats for the deployment of micro or decentralized restoration technologies for a carbon-neutral, post-petroleum future; Development of closed life support systems for harsh environments and space exploration

Matt Beam is an ecological designer with a water resources focus. He designed and built the wastewater treatment and water recycling system in the newly renovated Aiken center, the Eco-Machine. Matt now operates the Eco-Machine and is the lab safety officer for the associated ecological design laboratory. Matt works with Anthony McInnis to develop and test ecologically integrated solutions to natural resource issues with a focus on assembling, directing and utilizing complex, self-organizing hybrid ecosystems to perform useful work (ecological-machines). Matt is also an avid SCUBA diver and sailor.


M.S. Natural Resources - Ecological Design & Engineering, University of Vermont, 2010
B.S. Natural Resources - Ecology, University of Vermont, 2007