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Carl Waite

Carl Waite


Phone: 802-656-0683
Office: Forest Service Northern Research Station, 705 Spear Street

Areas of Interest

Ecology of forested ecosystems, ecosystem structure and function, plant and animal diversity and distribution, atmospheric pollution, and meteorology

I am responsible for installation, maintenance, and data collection from 6 remote meteorological stations operated by the Vermont Monitoring Cooperative. I am currently site supervisor for several national environmental monitoring programs including: NADP/NTN, NADP/MDN, AIRMoN, USDA UVB, and a local/regional Hg monitoring /research program with EPA support.


B.S. Wildlife Management, University of Vermont, 1972

Selected Publications

Beard, K.H., Wang, D., Waite, C.E., Decker, K.L., Hawley, G.J., DeHayes, D.D., Hughes, J.W., and Cumming, J.R. 2005. Quantifying ecosystem controls and their contextual interactions on nutrient export from developing forest mesocosms. Ecosystems 8:210-224.

Decker, K.L.M., D. Wang, C. Waite, and T. Scherbatskoy. 2003. Snow removal and ambient temperature effects on forest soil temperatures in northern Vermont. Soil. Sci. Soc. Am. J. 67:1234-1243.

Waite, C.E., D.H. DeHayes, J. Rebbeck, G.A. Schier, and A.H. Johnson. 1994. Cold tolerance of red spruce seedlings is not reduced by elevated ozone. New Phytologist 126:327-335.

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