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Meeting Graduation Requirements - Senior Records Check

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assure that all graduation requirements are met. You need to read and follow the catalogue carefully, and you need to confer regularly with your advisor. If you have questions about requirements, you should promptly consult your advisor.

Senior Records Check: Before the beginning of your senior year (whenever your Total Credit Hours Earned goes above 80), the Dean's Office will send a notice that it is time to do your Senior Records Check. You will be asked to come to the Dean's Office to pick up this form and then meet with your advisor to complete it. The Senior Records Check form lists the exact courses remaining to be completed for your degree and when you intend to take them. It is extremely important that you and your advisor carefully complete the Senior Records Check because this is how the Dean's Office certifies when you will actually graduate.

Last modified September 24 2013 11:38 AM