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RSENR research - ecological design

Rubenstein School Research Emphasis in
Ecological Design

Rubenstein School faculty, staff, and students design ecological systems that use ecological principles and natural organisms to treat wastes, manage storm water run-off, and restore damaged ecosystems. They study ways to promote sustainable community development and problem-solving through holistic landscape and building design and planning.

Faculty and Staff Research Program Descriptions

Gary Hawley: High performance green buildings; green roofs and storm water management; forest health, tree physiology, genetic diversity, evolutionary biology

Students help build Aiken Center green roof.Gary’s research interests range from forest ecosystem health (in partnership with faculty member Paul Schaberg) to green building and green roof design, development, and demonstration. On the green building front, Gary's primary project is the Rubenstein School's Aiken Center green roof. With his colleagues and students, he studies and measures how four different roof treatments – including no plant cover, native plants, traditional green roof plants, and a different soil with traditional plants – absorb stormwater and pollutants. To learn more, visit Gary's profile page.

Matthew Beam: Ecosystem-based technologies for water treatment, green buildings, stormwater reduction, ecosystem remediation, aquaculture

Student conducts research of Eco-Machine.The Eco-Machine is one of the many features that contribute to the Aiken Center’s LEED Platinum certification. Designed by Matt Beam for his master’s degree, the Eco-Machine is a living system that treats the wastewater for the building and will return the treated water to the building's toilets as graywater for flushing. The system is divided into three pathways to test different methods of water treatment. Matt works with student interns to continue to research and refine the Eco-Machine methods. For more information, visit Matt's profile or a YouTube video about the Eco-Machine.

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