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Rubenstein School Commencement reception 2013

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UVM a Top 40 Public School

U.S. News and World Report has ranked the University of Vermont #38 among the top public schools in the country. The rankings, spanning undergraduate and graduate education, cite UVM among the top 100 schools in 12 categories, highlighting its strength as a national research university, a top medical school and a best college for ...

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Ernie Buford


Rubenstein School Staff Reach UVM Years of Service Milestones in 2016

In honor of UVM Staff Appreciation Week, the Rubenstein School recognizes the following RSENR research staff members who have achieved years-of-service milestones at UVM.

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RSENR student Caitlin Drasher (front) and Jaclyn Comeau of Vermont Dept of Fish & Wildlife collar an anesthetized black bear.s


State and UVM Wildlife and Fisheries Experts Kick-Off Seminar Series September 15

How does the State of Vermont protect important fish and wildlife habitats? What challenges does the state face in managing its wildlife and fish populations? Find out from Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Louis Porter and other top leaders in the state during this fall semester’s special speaker series in ...

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UVM researcher takes a photo outdoors in Vermont.


What’s Nature Worth? Count the Selfies

Pioneering study calculates the economic value of outdoor recreation – with selfies. 

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