University of Vermont

Gund Director, Taylor Ricketts, Makes Reuters’ “Highly Cited Researchers 2014” List

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Gund Director, Taylor Ricketts, is a top-notch researcher. He’s unassuming and easily slips into a mentor and educator role.  At Gund we often see him with his Director hat on, thinking about how the Institute’s doing, sitting on committees, fundraising, holding weekly community lunches, or hosting dinners at his house.  You can often find him sitting with his lab group going over statistics or discussing recent papers together, participating as a collaborator and mentor.

Then there are the glimpses of the researcher – when his office white board is diagrammed out, when he’s presenting on new ideas or initial findings at seminars, when his collaborators join us in Vermont, or when he’s out in the field knee deep in blueberries and bees.  His inclusion on Thomson Reuters’ “Highly Cited Researchers 2014” list was both a reminder of his research chops but also emphasized how much Taylor embodies a humbleness that’s both endearing and refreshing.  The Highly Cited Researchers list is limited to the top 1% most cited researchers for their respective subject field.  Taylor was one of 137 international researchers from the Environment/Ecology field with research that, “has consistently been judged by peers to be of particular significance and utility,” according to Thomson Reuters.  Taylor’s work speaks for itself, but it’s nice to congratulate him when a little external recognition comes his way.  Congratulations Taylor!