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RSENR Students Participate in UVM’s Annual Student Research Conference

Eliese Dykstra, an RSENR graduate student, displays her research on Black Bear.
Eliese Dykstra, an RSENR graduate student, displays her research on Black Bear.

Several Rubenstein School undergraduate and graduate students participated in UVM’s annual Student Research Conference held April 16, 2014.  More than 300 UVM students showcased and shared their research with the university community through oral presentations and posters. 

Rubenstein School Participants

Graduate Students

Christopher Clement, Modeling the Renewable Energy Transition in the state of Vermont, Advisors: Jon Erickson, Asim Zia

Eliese Dykstra, Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Estimate Black Bear Diet in Vermont, Advisor: James Murdoch

Daniel Fredman, Christopher Clement, Spatial Analysis & Characterization of Residential Smart Meter Data, Advisors: Christopher Koliba, Paul Hines, Asim Zia

Chester Harvey, Developing Robust Spatial Measures of the Street Environment, Advisors: Lisa Aultman-Hall, Austin Troy

Timothy Pede, How does household energy use differ across metropolitan areas?, Advisors: Austin Troy, Brian Lee

Christine Peterson, Habitat Use by Six Obligate Shrubland Bird Species Along Powerline Rights-of-Way in the Champlain Valley, VT, Advisor: Allan Strong

Phoebe Spencer, Assessing Seasonality and Climatic Variability in Walking and Related Activities in the United States with Time Use Data, Advisor: Lisa Aultman-Hall

Joan White, Where Should We Put Wind Turbines in Chittenden County? Ecosystem Services in Renewable Energy Siting, Advisor: Walter Poleman


Undergraduate Students

Hana Aronowitz, Impacts of Salvage Logging Following Wind Disturbances on Ground-Dwelling Arthropod Biodiversity in Vermont Forests Advisor: Kimberly Wallin

Andie Blaser, GIS Analysis of Farm Distribution Across Vermont Counties, Advisors: Beverley Wemple, Cheryl Morse

Carson Casey, Emission-Reducing Fleet Recognition Programs, Advisor: Michelle McCutcheon-Schour

Jessica Mailhot, Climatic Resiliency of Red Spruce in New England, Advisors: Beverley Wemple, Shelly Rayback

Kyle Nolting, Ecology and Management of Vermont's Shrubland Birds, Advisors: Allan Strong, Rick Paradis

Emily Peterson, Mapping Red Fox Distribution in Central Mongolia, Advisors: Beverley Wemple, James Murdoch

Thornton Ritz, Cyanobacteria Effects on White Perch Health in Missisquoi Bay, Vermont, Advisor: Jason Stockwell

Robyn Bath Rosenfeld, The Communication of Goals in Volunteer-Based Ecotourism, Advisor: Thomas Hudspeth

Christine Sandbach, Measuring and Mapping Fisher Occupancy Probability in Vermont, Advisors: Beverley Wemple, James Murdoch

Sabrina Smits, The Effects of Wind Disturbance and Salvage Logging on Forest Insect Populations in Chittenden County,Vermont, Advisor: Kimberly Wallin

Jack Steele, Neighborhood in Constant Flux: An Ethnographic Analysis of Food Access in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Advisor: Amy Seidl

Kristin Talbot, Mapping the Social Network of Environmental Organizations on Ometepe, Nicaragua, Advisor: Katharine Anderson

Kelly Westhelle, Bathymetry of Shelburne Pond, Chittenden County, Vermont, Advisors: Beverley Wemple, Jason Stockwell

Colleen Whitcomb, Secrets of the Garden: An Analysis of the Healing Garden at the Vermont Cancer Center, Advisors: Christine Vatovec, Katharine Anderson