University of Vermont

SAB Update - May 2014

Hey everyone,
Student Advisory Board (SAB) interviews are complete, and the student representatives for next year are up! Here's a look at next year’s board:

Environmental Sciences:
Charlotte Adams
Brittany LeBeau

Environmental Studies:
Eric Molinari
Claire Wiggin

Ethan Goss
Jamie Van Clief

Natural Resources:
Margot Halpin
Bonnie Ricord

Parks, Recreation and Tourism:
Chris Butz
Chris Voda

Wildlife and Fisheries Biology:
Joshua Blouin
William Lemos

The student reps are all wicked excited to keep working with everyone in Rubenstein! Other than that, we're mostly just wrapping things up for the semester. We've gotten a lot done this year, but things are only just beginning to change. Hopefully, some of those changes (like the new Dean) will soon become more evident!

I hope everyone has a lot of fun this summer, whatever you have planned. Remember to keep an eye out for us come fall!

-Donovan Drummey, SAB co-chair