University of Vermont

Benjamin Mohla Memorial Tree Planting May 12

Dear Friends,

Doubtless many of you knew, or were influenced by, Benjamin Mohla. Ben was a kind, hilarious person and a phenomenal friend.  To share some of the great memories he provided us with, and as a means of commemorating him, we invite you to join us in the planting of a White Oak tree outside of the Aiken Center on the afternoon of May 12th, which would have been Ben’s 22nd birthday.

The tree will be planted as part of the native landscape installation for the Rubenstein School’s Greening of Aiken Project. We are hoping to raise $350 for the cost of the tree and its delivery, and $350 for a cast bronze plaque and its installation. If you are interested in contributing please send checks payable to UVM or bring cash to the address below. All donations to help make this happen are greatly appreciated.

Rubenstein School
81 Carrigan Drive
Room 220B
Burlington, VT 05401
Attn: Kathleen Wells

Any funds received in excess of the cost of the tree, delivery, and plaque will be used to support Rubenstein summer interns who will be maintaining Aiken’s landscape, in which this tree is a part of. Please spread the word to others, enjoy the rest of your semester, and we hope you can join us for this celebration of Ben’s life.

Thank you,
Brittany Spezzano