University of Vermont

SAB Update - March 2014

It’s been a busy beginning to the semester for the SAB! We came back in January and immediately started getting involved with the RSENR Dean Search and promoting student involvement. The four candidates came to campus and participated in a series of talks, discussions, and forums. A healthy number of Rubenstein students came to add their input to all of this as well!

SAB has also had a slight change of officers this semester. Grace Ballou, one of the co-chairs, is participating in a SEA semester, and isn’t going to be around very much. Bonnie Ricord, a junior NR major, has volunteered to step up as co-chair for the rest of this school year.

We have two big events coming up this spring. The first is that we are recruiting members to replace individuals who are graduating this year. We are going to be looking for Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, Parks and Rec, Environmental Sciences, and Environmental Studies representatives. If you are interested, keep your eyes out for e-mails coming out soon!

The other main project we are going to be working on is a general meeting, which will be held soon after spring break (hopefully the week of March 17). This will provide an open forum for students to talk about their experience, specifically directed to the curriculum.

And finally, if any of you are wondering what’s been going on since the meetings we held with each of the majors last year, things are starting to happen. The proposal for core curriculum changes is being reviewed; you may see more on that later in the semester. Changes are going to be implemented this upcoming fall semester. The SAB is helping the School’s Curriculum Committee by reviewing the draft and helping to make any edits we feel need to be made.

If you are interested in any of what we are doing, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at

Talk to you all again soon!