University of Vermont

Alumni Notes

Class of 1993

John L. Clark (FOR) is an associate professor teaching and conducting research in evolutionary biology in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alabama.  He teachs Plant Systematics, Dendrology (over 39 oak species in Alabama!), Introductory Biology, and Tropical Plant Biodiversity (summer abroad program in Ecuador).  He is also enjoying raising 3 children.  The family makes an annual trip to Vermont during the winter and usually visits Heather Pembrook (FOR).  Visit John's website to learn more about his work.  He writes, "I feel very fortunate forthe undergraduate experience that was provided by excellent faculty and mentors at UVM.  My only regret is that I do not get to visit more often."

Class of 1994

Gregory Huse (FOR) married Elizabeth Urcinoli on 7/14/13.  They live in Silver Spring, MD.  He recently became an ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor and continues to love his job as the arborist and tree collection manager for Smithsonian Gardens in Washington, DC.

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