University of Vermont

RSENR Student Advisory Board Update October 2013

Have you ever heard about the SAB? It’s a group within the school that acts as the student voice within the Dean’s Office. The Student Advisory Board works with all sorts of groups within the school to ensure that the voice of the students is heard in a wide variety of instances. We work with the school’s Board of Advisors, Diversity Task Force, Dean Search Committee, Community and Sustainability Committee, and many other groups whose choices can have an impact on the student body.

Our main purpose within the school is to weigh in on choices made by the Dean, especially those that are more administrative in nature. We will be talking about curriculum evaluation and changes, reappointment, promotion, tenure, advising, and the dean’s search this year, as well as any other topics that come to our attention.

Want to know more about us and what we do? Feel free to contact us at, or contact any of the board members with your questions. Also, keep an eye out for announcements and e-mails from us. We’re your advisory board, so we are often looking for your input and questions. We can only be effective if the students come to us and talk to us, so please do! Otherwise, enjoy your year, and keep us in mind if you have any questions!

We hope to hear from you soon,

Grace Ballou co-chair

Donovan Drummey co-chair

Sarah Leiby secretary

Charlotte Adams

Elizabeth Bennett

Joshua Blouin

Chris Butts

Livia Donicova

Ethan Ducharme

Margot Halpin

Bonnie Ricord

John Thompson