University of Vermont

Congratulations to May 2013 Graduating Graduate Students

Congratulations to the following Rubenstein School graduate students who will graduate on May 19, 2013.

Master of Science Degree

Charles Bettigole.
B.A.   2005  Environmental Studies -- Middlebury College.
Thesis:  Normative Standards for Land Use in Vermont:  The Effects of Social Norms on Wildlife Occupancy.

Corinne Brauer
B.A.  2008  Biology -- Drew University.
Thesis:  A Comparison of Acoustic Monitoring Methods for Common Anurans of the Northeastern United States.

Michelle Brown
B.S.  2001  Environmental Science -- Binghamton University.
Thesis:  Predicting Impacts of Future Human Population Growth and Development on Occupancy Rates and Landscape Carrying Capacity of Forest-Dependent Birds.

Elizabeth Calabrese
B.S.  1987  Architecture -- Louisiana State University.
Thesis:  The Architecture of Healing.

Kimberly Coleman
B.S. 2008  Environmental Studies -- The University of Vermont.
Thesis:  The Role of Service-Learning Partnerships in Building Social Capital for Natural Resource Management:  A Case Study of the Harwood Union Forest Project.

Eric Davis
B.S.  2007  Environmental Science -- The University of Vermont.
Thesis:  Seasonal Changes in Mercury Stocks and Methylation Ratios in Vernal Pools in the Northeastern United States.

Amanda Egan
B.A.  2005  International Relations and Russian Studies -- Colgate University.
Thesis:  Forest Carbon Projects in the Carpathian Mountains:  an Assessment of Potential Community Impacts and Roles.

Ruth Holli Howard
B.S. 1991 Park Management and Tourism -- University of New Hampshire.
Thesis:  Methods for Mapping Zones in the Urban-Rural Gradient to Strengthen Ecological Vulnerability Planning.

Grahm Leitner
B.A.  2001.  Geography/ Conservation Biology -- University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Project:  The Harwood Forest Project:  Community-Based Forestry in Vermont Public Schools.

Michael McDonald. 
B.S.  2004.  Environmental Science -- The University of Vermont.
Thesis:  Multitrophic Interactions:  Moose Herbivory Effects Nest Site Selection.

Ryan Morra. 
B.S.   2008.  Biology -- Warren Wilson College.
Project:  Adjuntas: Paisaje Naturaly Social: Developing a Place-Based Landscape Analysis and Community Engagement (PLACE) Program with the Community of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

Alison Nihart. 
B.A.  2007 Studio Art -- Skidmore College.
Thesis:  Identifying a Cohesive Urban Agriculture Policy for Burlington, Vermont.

Claire Polfus. 
B.A.  2008.  Environmental Studies -- Middlebury College.
Project:  Perspectives on Land Management in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Emily Russell-Roy. 
B.A.  2006 Biology and Environmental Studies -- Williams College.
Thesis:  Rehabilitation Forestry and Carbon Market Access on Overharvested Former Industrial Northern Hardwood Forests.

Veronica Sosa-Gonzalez. 
B.S.  2010 Environmental Sciences -- University of Puerto Rico
Thesis:  Determining Long-Term Erosion Rates in Panama: An Application of 10Be.

Connor Stedman. 
B.S. 2009 Eco-Social Design -- Gaia University.
Project:  Agroforestry in the Working Landscape: Systems and Applications in the Northeast.

Aiko Weverka.
B.A. 2009 Biology and Environmental Studies -- Middlebury College.
Thesis:  Remote Sensing of Productivity in Northeastern Forests.

Katharine White. 
B.S. 2010 Natural Resources -- The University of Vermont.
Thesis:  Remote Sensing of Spring Phenology:  An Assessment of Methods, Indices and Field Metrics in Northern Forests.

Sara Williams. 
B.S. 2007 Anthropology and Biology -- Vanderbilt University.
Thesis:  Effects of Forest Fragment Characteristics on Mesocarnivore Occurrence in the Champlain Valley, Vermont.

Aaron Witham. 
B.A. 2005 Creative Writing -- University of Maine.
Thesis:  Inter-organizational Issue Networks Concerned with Sustainable Transportation Policy:  An Examination of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Helen Yurchenco. 
B.S.  2009 Biology and Environmental Studies -- Warren Wilson College.
Thesis:  Impacts of Soil Freezing and Understory Vegetation Removal on the Biodiversity of Ground-Dwelling Insects and Snails.


Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Todd Comen.  
M.P.S.  1989  Hotel Administration -- Cornell University;
B.S. 1981 Economics -- Lewis and Clark College.
Dissertation:  Multifunctionality and the Evolving American Landscape:    A Case Study of the Intervale Landscape.

Anjanette DeCarlo.
M.A.    1999 Geography -- Hunter College;
B.A. 1993 Environmental Science -- SUNY Purchase.
Dissertation:  Sustainable Strategies for Implementing Development Assistance:  Enterprise, Women's Empowerment and NGO's in Africa and the Diaspora.

Joshua Halman. 
M.S. 2007 Natural Resources -- The University of Vermont;
B.S. 2001 Botany -- The University of Vermont.
Dissertation:  Influence of Calcium and Aluminum Availability on the Growth, Carbon Relations and Stress Response of Northern Forest Trees.

Anna Mika. 
M.S.. 2008 Environmental Biology -- University of Guelph;
B.S. 2006 Biological Science -- University of Guelph.
Dissertation:  Impacts of Land-Use Change and Wood Bioenergy Harvesting on Carbon Storage and Net Emissions in the Northeastern United States.

Peter Pettengill.
M.S.E.L.  2006 Environmental Law - Vermont Law School;
B.S. 2003 Environmental Economics -- University of New Hampshire.
Dissertation:  Managing Transportation in Parks and Outdoor  Recreation.

Michele Romolini.
M.E.S. 2006 Urban Environments -- University of Pennsylvania;
B.A. 2000 Biology -- University of Pennsylvania.
Dissertation:  Adaptive Governance for 21st Century Sustainable Cities: Comparing Stewardship Networks in Baltimore and Seattle.

Helena Voinov Vladich. 
M.S.  1983 Applied Mathematics -- Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
Dissertation:  Participatory Spatial Analysis, High Resolution Remote Sensing Data and Ecosystem Services Valuation as a Tool for Environmental Consensus Building.