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Student Advisory Board May Update

2013 Student Advisory Board with Interim Dean Jon Erickson
2013 Student Advisory Board with Interim Dean Jon Erickson

These last two months have been host to a great deal of SAB activity. The 13 new SAB members each holding the title of program representative, (2 to 3 for each RSENR major concentration) have conducted assessments of each RSENR major, and presented their findings to Interim Dean Jon Erickson and Associate Dean Allan Strong. The reports that the new members prepared displayed lots of hard work and critical thinking.

SAB Chair George Faison ( NR ’13) and Vice Chair Jay Snowdon (FOR ’13) will be graduating this month and were each recognized for their leadership roles at the Rubenstein School Community Celebration on Friday, May 3, 2013. George earned the Natural Resource Program Award for Excellence in Scholarly Accomplishment and Contributions to Quality Student Experience. Jay earned numerous awards including the Luther E. Zai Memorial Award, Holcomb Natural Resource Prize, and the Stantec Consulting Scholarship. George and Jay will be greatly missed, and many thanks go out to them for the hard work they did to get the RSENR Student Advisory Board back on its feet.

Have a great summer everyone! We look forward to continuing to serve the Rubenstein School Community in the coming semesters.


The RSENR Student Advisory Board