University of Vermont

Casella Waste Systems 2013 Scholarships Fund Students’ Travel Courses

RSENR students tour Ecuador during a winter break travel course.
RSENR students tour Ecuador during a winter break travel course.

Rubenstein School students continue to benefit from the generosity of Casella Waste Systems, Inc. of Rutland, Vermont.  Since 2006, Casella has provided annual scholarship funds to the Rubenstein School, and this is the second year that we have used Casella's gifts to support students in Winter and Spring Travel Courses.

This year, eleven students received awards to take the following courses:  Ecotourism in Costa Rica, Texas Wildlife Field Trip, Cacao Agroforestry Nicaragua, SEED - Bahamas, and Politics of Land Use:  Ecuador.

Students earn credits and enrich their college experience and learning in a place far different from Vermont.  We are thankful to Casella for making these opportunities possible for our students.

Congratulations to Harrison Balisky, Stephanie Bilodeau, Sarah Cayea, Angela DeBenttencourt, Maria Dominiquez, Kelly Felder, Rebecca Gray, Nikolas Kotovich, Amelie Rey, Rebecca Rossell, and Katie Walker, who all received Casella scholarship support.

Following the Texas Wildlife Field Trip, one student wrote:  "This spring trip has solidified the fact that I am absolutely in the right major.  These trips are such an amazing opportunity to experience ecosystems in a different state.  If it weren't for the Casella scholarship, I would not have been able to go financially."

Another student reported about the Costa Rica travel course:  "The class was an amazing trip that really opened my eyes to the ecotourism industry, and the amazing wildlife and biodiversity that Costa Rica has to offer.  Since I recently interned with Casella, I have grown to know the family and cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.  The Casella Company and family do a lot of great things for their local communities and the State of Vermont, so my gratitude and respect for them go much farther than I can put into words."