University of Vermont

Rubenstein School Mentoring Program Continues to Grow

The Rubenstein School Mentors (RSM) program pairs RSENR undergraduates with graduate-level mentors. Students and grads meet for one-on-one conversations or engage more informally during regular lunchtime open-table events, during which students and grads mingle over cookies in the Aiken student lounge. The RSM program was launched during the fall 2012 semester, and over 50 students and grads participated. During the spring 2013 term, participation climbed to approximately 60, and we look forward to continuing to gain participation as awareness of the RSM program spreads.

Mentoring offers many benefits to both undergraduate students and grads. Students can discuss research, coursework, and student life issues with grads who are usually just a few years removed from college life and can share their experiences. Grad students learn about the issues affecting today's undergraduate students and can prepare themselves for teaching careers. RSM offers support and structure for students who are looking for an extra challenge, perhaps through a connection to ongoing research, as well as for students who may need a helping hand in navigating the complex challenges of balancing studies, socializing, and the demands of college life.

RSM is a program of the Rubenstein Graduate Student Association (RGSA), and is organized by the RGSA's Mentoring Chair. The position is currently filled by Rebecca Pincus, to whom any inquiries about the program can be directed at