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Greening of Aiken Interns Class Conducts 7 Projects This Spring

Greening of Aiken student intern sorts through Aiken trash.
Greening of Aiken student intern sorts through Aiken trash.

This spring marks the 12th year of the Rubenstein School Greening of Aiken Intern class. The class is taught by Gary Hawley, with help from mentors Carl Waite, Matt Beam, Deane Wang, Kindle Loomis, David Raphael, Tom Hudspeth, and Alan McIntosh and graduate teaching assistant Eliese Dykstra.

Please visit our wiki space ( to learn more about current and past Greening of Aiken Interns projects.

Student interns are currently working on 7 projects related to the green Aiken Center.  Follow the links below to read about each student project.

Aiken Center Display
Student Interns: Zack Henrikson and Ben Shulman-Reed

Aiken Center Eco-Machine
Student Interns: John Koo, Benjamin Mohla, Monika Hyberts, Eric Pugliese, Ted Schiele & Brittany Lancellotti

Aiken Center Energy Usage
Student Interns: James Farrell, Marissa Goodwin, and Sam Wallace

Aiken Center Green Roof Experiment
Student Interns: Lily Brown, Claudia Lawton, Brad Koontz, and Amy Falcão

Aiken Center Landscaping
Student Interns: Donald Keith, Dan Hammerberg, Raina Brot-Goldberg, and Molly Bruno

Net Zero Energy for the Aiken Center
Student Interns: Stone Lieberman, Nicholas Brown, Morgan Marzo, and Grayson Webb

Trash, Recycling or Compost?
Student Interns: Ada Peters, Daniel Busi, and Jessica Mason