University of Vermont

Two Undergraduate Collaborators Attend Limnology and Oceanography Conference

From left, Chelsea Mitchell (UVM '13) and Suzanne Ball (WFB '13) at ASLO conference.
From left, Chelsea Mitchell (UVM '13) and Suzanne Ball (WFB '13) at ASLO conference.

Undergraduates Suzanne Ball (WFB '13) and Chelsea Mitchell (UVM '13) recently attended the 2013 Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) “Aquatic Sciences Meeting” in New Orleans, Louisiana. Suzanne is a fisheries biology major in the Rubenstein School, and Chelsea is a biological science major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Since last May, the two have been conducting research on a freshwater shrimp that resides in Lake Champlain with guidance from Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory Director, Dr. Jason Stockwell.

At the conference, they each presented posters of their respective research projects, in addition to attending many diverse talks and poster sessions in limnology and oceanography. Chelsea noted that “talking about my research with graduate students, post docs, and senior scientists allowed me to gain extremely valuable feedback and advice on my work,” while also making important connections with scientists across the nation and abroad.  Suzanne mentioned, “the most valuable part of the conference was being exposed to new and interesting research, while being able to talk to the scientist who produced the work.”

Both students agree that their experience in New Orleans was both fun-filled and incredibly valuable to their scientific futures. It was an exposure to the way scientific communication really occurs between colleagues at the national and international levels.

“This was an incredible experience for Suzanne and Chelsea to present their work, interact with scientists around the country and the world, and to network,” noted Jason. “This is exactly the kind of experience that opens up opportunities for our students. Chelsea and Suzanne were able to talk directly with scientists and demonstrate their skills and hard work. Many of these scientists asked them for their resumes.”

Both students were able to attend the conference thanks to an EPSCoR Pilot Award, the G.C. Morse Lake Champlain Research Fund, travel awards from the Lake Champlain Research Consortium, and an ASLO student travel award.