University of Vermont

RSENR Seminar Series Update

Every Friday afternoon this past semester, faculty, staff and students gathered for the Fall Seminar Series, organized by Rubenstein School graduate students. Topics over the 12 weeks ranged from the ski industry in Vermont to Bobolink migrations to urban tree canopy. About half of the speakers came from outside the university, while the rest of the talks were given by UVM affiliates. Many graduate students took advantage of the opportunity to go out to dinner with the speakers after the talks, to further engage in the conversations started in the presentations. Austin Troy’s final lecture of the series about the connections between transportation, energy, and land use won the attendance award for the semester, with over 50 attendees.

The 2013 Spring Seminar Series will be centered around a parks theme, organized by Professor Bob Manning and PhD student Sarah Pears and is scheduled to be held on Thursday afternoons from 4:00-5:15pm.  The NR 199, Honors College Seminar course for junior undergraduates will attend each seminar and a post-seminar dinner discussion.