University of Vermont

RGSA Chili Cook-Off Pictoral

The third annual Rubenstein Graduate Student Association Chili Cook-Off on December 5, 2012 was a well-atttended success and a culinary delight.  The comeptition featured 14 of our very own graduate student chefs. Read more about the RGSA and the Chili Cook-Off...


Chili pots

Contestants set up their chili entries in Aiken's third floor green conference room.


Ben & Jerrys gift certificate prizes are ready for the winners:
1st and 2nd place in meat and vegetarian categories and a fifth special award.

Chili Cook-Off guests arrive

Hungry guests arrive.

Chili pot opened

Chili entries are revealed.

Chili Cook-Off serving

Cups are filled...

Chili Cook-Off serving

Bowls are filled...

Chili Cook-Off

and mouths are filled...

Chili Cook-Off

as the room fills...

Chili Cook-Off

and bowls empty...quickly...

Chili Cook-Off votes

as the votes roll in...

Chili Cook-Off taste testing

and the chili is tested and tasted for the fifth special award.

Chili Cook-Off winners announced

Winners are announced and prizes awarded...

Chili Cook-Off winner

with one winner "doubly sur-prized" for his Moroccan-Style Chickpea Chili!

Chili Cook-Off winners

The four winners pose with the Cook-Off Coordinator and Taste-Tester.