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Student Advisory Board Update

Seniors Jay Snowden and George Faison give an update on SAB

Jay Snowden (FOR'13), president of UVM Chapter Society of American Foresters
Jay Snowden (FOR'13), president of UVM Chapter Society of American Foresters

In my final year as a Forester at UVM, I decided to become much more involved with the Student Advisory Board because I wanted to make sure that the experience future Rubenstein students have is as good, if not better, than the experience I had here.  As the president of UVM's Society of American Foresters Chapter, I have begun to talk with students and faculty about what we can do to make the forestry program more appealing for forestry students around New England and how we can properly prepare forestry graduates for a competitive job market in forestry and natural resources.  I believe that the Student Advisory Board is one of the most underutilized yet simultaneously most important facets of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources because students truly have a voice in the academic experience they have for their time at UVM.  At our university's smallest and closest college, I find it so exciting that the students can have such a powerful voice!


Jay Snowdon
President, UVM Society of American Foresters


I am a senior in the Natural Resource program and the chair of the Student Advisory Board here in the Rubenstein School. I first gained awareness of the SAB from an email invitation to the first meeting of the Fall 2011 Semester, and volunteered to be the chair only a month later. Since then I have been working hard to include this virtuous extra-curricular activity into the juggling act of an undergraduate career.

The board was designed years ago as a way for students to have a formal outlet for sharing to the Dean their thoughts on the Rubenstein experience. Since then, participation in the board has been subject to ebbs and flows, but the mission and purpose of the board will forever remain relevant and vital towards building a closer relationship between the Dean’s Office and the undergraduates here in RSENR.

The Spring 2013 semester will be host to a great deal of SAB activity. Our top priority will be the evaluations of the six academic programs in RSENR. These evaluations have been designed to identify needed improvements unique to the major and to encourage students to fill positions on the board. To ensure success, we need participation not only from driven students but also from the faculty/staff members who can encourage students to investigate their potential to be on the Student Advisory Board.

I eagerly await working with many of you this Spring. Thanks for reading!

Best regards,
George Faison, SAB Chair