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RSENR Stewards Semester Update

Rubenstein Stewards
Rubenstein Stewards left to right: Brad Koontz, John Butler, Sam Wallace, Chloe Hundertmark, Teresa DiTore, Bekah Gordon, Natasha Lekach, Amie Schiller

Greetings Rubenstein Community!

It seems like just yesterday that we were all lugging our refrigerators and duffel bags up the stairs to our dorm rooms or apartments, ready to start the semester on the right foot! Looking back at the time that’s passed, the Stewards have accomplished a lot in this short span of a semester! From the resume workshops to the community brainstorming session to apple pressing /cider day, and the first of many Rubenstein family lunches, we’ve been busy making sure faculty, staff, and students have had the chance to connect amidst midterms, papers, and group projects galore. However, we’ve also been very active community members ourselves, representing the Rubenstein School at the Vermont Natural Resources Council’s 50th Anniversary, giving tours of the George D. Aiken Center to prospective students, and helping current students with scheduling and resume consultations.

Although we’ve made some fantastic progress this semester, we also have big plans for next semester. Among our arsenal of events, we are working on holding the annual Rubenstein School internship panel to showcase projects of some of our own students and to help students see what internships are available in the environmental field. We are also planning more Rubenstein School family lunches, so keep your eyes open, your brown bag lunch packed, and get ready for some good conversations!

Lastly, we’d like to say a very fond farewell to Rebekah Gordon, our fellow Steward and friend who will be graduating this December. Thank you for all of your hard work, Bekah, and we wish you well on the exciting journey you’re about to depart on!

We hope you all have a relaxing and safe winter break! See you next semester!

-The Rubenstein Stewards

Amie Schiller
Bekah Gordon
Brad Koontz
John Butler
Sam Wallace
Teresa DiTore
Natasha Lekach
Chloe Hundertmark