University of Vermont

Rubenstein School Graduate Student Association Builds Community

Even though the Rubenstein School is one of the smaller schools within the University, the RSENR graduate students represent the largest group of graduate students outside of the College of Medicine. With the newly formed RSENR Graduate Student Association (RGSA), we are now the only graduate student body to have official recognition as an organization by the Graduate Student Senate. Every graduate student is a member of RGSA, and we have a small executive committee elected each spring.

Our mission is to represent the needs, interests, and perspectives of graduate students of RSENR. But moreover, we are about building community within the graduate student population, with faculty and staff, and with the undergraduate student body through the mentoring program. Look for events organized by the RGSA such as: the weekly Seminar Series held in Aiken 102 from 3-4pm each Friday (open to the public), RSENR grad student/faculty/staff get-togethers once a month at a local establishment, and special events like the famous Chili Cook-off that will happen on December 5.