University of Vermont

Faculty Directory

* denotes Graduate Faculty in RSENR

Rubenstein School Faculty
Name/Bio Title Contact
Carol Adair*
Assistant Professor of Climate Change & Adaptation email
Katharine Anderson (Kit)
Senior Lecturer, Environmental Studies email
William Bowden (Breck)*
Professor & Patrick Chair of Watershed Science & Planning/ Director of: Water Resources and Lake Studies Center/Lake Champlain Sea Grant/Northeastern States Research Cooperative Theme 1 email
Anthony D'Amato (Tony)*
Associate Professor, Siliviculture and Applied Forest Ecology email
Cecilia Danks*
Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Forestry email
Therese Donovan (Terri)*
Assistant Unit Leader of VT Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit/Research Associate Professor email
Jon Erickson*
Professor of Ecological Economics email
Brendan Fisher*
Research Associate Professor/Gund Institute for Ecological Economics email
Gillian Galford*
Research Assistant Professor/Gund Institute for Ecological Economics email
Clare Ginger*
Associate Professor/Director of Natural Resources Program email
Gary Hawley
Research Associate email
Jeffrey Hughes*
Associate Professor/Director of Field Naturalist Program email
Zachary Ispa-Landa
Lecturer email
Adrian Ivakhiv*
Professor, Environmental Studies and Environmental Thought and Culture email
David Kaufman
Senior Lecturer in Parks, Recreation and Tourism email
Stephanie Kaza*
Professor, Environmental Studies, Director of UVM Environmental Program email
William Keeton (Bill)*
Professor and Director of Forestry Program email
Matthew Kolan*
Senior Lecturer email
Walter Kuentzel*
Professor/Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Program email
Suzanne Levine*
Associate Professor email
Robert Manning*
Steven Rubenstein Professor of Environment and Natural Resources/Director Park Studies Laboratory email
Ellen Marsden*
Professor of Fisheries/Director of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Program email
David Massell
Interim Director of Environmental Program/ Professor of History email
Nancy Mathews*
Professor and Dean email
Michael McDonald
Lecturer email
James Murdoch (Jed)*
Associate Professor of Wildlife Biology email
Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne
Research Associate and Director of Spatial Analysis Lab email
Richard Paradis (Rick)
Lecturer in Environmental Studies/Manager of UVM Natural Areas/Director of Natural Areas Center email
Donna Parrish*
Unit Leader of VT Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Resarch Unit/Research Professor email
Walter Poleman*
Senior Lecturer/Director of GreenHouse Residential Learning email
Jennifer Pontius*
Research Assistant Professor email
Taylor Ricketts*
Professor and Director of Gund Institute for Ecological Economics email
Amy Seidl
Lecturer, Environmental Studies email
Mary Sisock
Extension Assistant Professor in Forestry email
Kristine Stepenuck (Kris)
Extension Assistant Professor of Watershed Science, Policy and Education email
Jennie C. Stephens*
Associate Professor and Blittersdorf Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy email
Jason Stockwell*
Associate Professor/Director of Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Lab email
Patricia Stokowski*
Professor email
Allan Strong*
Associate Professor and Associate Dean email
Christine Vatovec*
Research Assistant Professor of Human Health and the Environment email
Curtis Ventriss (Curt)*
Professor and University Scholar email
Brian Voigt*
Research Assistant Professor/Gund Institute for Ecological Economics email
Kimberly Wallin*
Research Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Program email
Deane Wang*
Associate Professor of Natural Resources/Director of Environmental Sciences Program email
Justin Waskiewicz
Lecturer email
Richard Watts
Lecturer/Research Assistant Professor, CDAE/Director, Center for Research on Vermont email
Eva Wollenberg (Lini)*
Research Associate Professor/Gund Institute for Ecological Economics email

Faculty with Secondary Appointments
Name/Bio Title Contact
Lisa Aultman-Hall*
Professor in School of Engineering /Transportation Research Center email
Robert Bartlett
Gund Professor of the Liberal Arts email
Paul Bierman*
Professor in Geology and Natural Resources email
Lisa Chase*
Extension Associate Professor/Director, Vermont Tourism Research Center email
Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux*
Professor in Department of Geography email
Joshua Farley*
Associate Professor in Department of Community Development & Applied Economics email
Brian Lee
Assistant Professor in School of Engineering /Transportation Research Center email
Beverley Wemple*
Associate Professor in Geography, Geology, and Environmental Sciences email

Adjunct Faculty and Research Affiliates
Name/Bio Title Contact
Saleem Ali
Adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies/The University of Queensland email
James Andrews (Jim)
Adjunct/Middlebury College email
Karen Carney
Research Affiliate/Managing Scientist at Abt Associates email
Arthur Cohn
Adjunct Assistant Professor/Executive Director Lake Champlain Maritime Museum email
Rolf Diamont
Adjunct Associate Professor email
Diane Gayer
Adjunct Assistant Professor email
Robert Herendeen (Bob)
Adjunct Associate Professor/Gund Institute for Ecological Economics email
Jennifer Jenkins
Adjunct Research Associate Professor email
Steven Lawson
Adjunct Associate Professor email
Brian Mitchell
Adjunct Assistant Professor/National Park Service email
Nora Mitchell
Adjunct Associate Professor/Conservation Study Institute-National Park Service email
Joe Roman
Research Affiliate/Gund Institute for Ecological Economics email
Paul Schaberg*
Adjunct Associate Professor/USDA Forest Service Plant Physiologist email
James Shanley (Jamie)
Adjunct Associate Professor/US Geological Survey email
Scott Sillett
Adjunct Assistant Professor/Research Scientist-Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center email
Austin Troy
Adjunct Professor / University of Colorado-Denver email
Mark Twery*
Adjunct Associate Professor/USDA Forest Service Research Forester Emeritus email

Part-time Lecturers
Name/Bio Title Contact
John Adams
Part-time Lecturer email
Derk Bergquist
Part-time Lecturer email
Yurij Bihun
Part-time Lecturer email
Emily Brodsky
Part-time Lecturer email
David Brynn
Part-time Lecturer email
Elizabeth "Liz" Calabrese
Part-time Lecturer email
Eric Garza
Part-time Lecturer email
David Kestenbaum
Part-time Lecturer email
Veronica Lopez
Part-time Lecturer email
Leah Mital-Skiff
Part-time Lecturer email
Susan Moegenburg
Part-time Lecturer email
Julie Nash
Part-time Lecturer email
James Northrup
Part-time Lecturer email
David Raphael
Part-time Lecturer email
Michael Snyder
Part-time Lecturer email
Brian Tokar
Part-time Lecturer email
Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees
Part-time Lecturer email
Ian Worley
Part-time Lecturer email
Eric Zencey
Part-time Lecturer email

Emeriti Faculty
Name/Bio Title Contact
Dale Bergdahl
Professor Emeritus, Forest Pathology email
Malcolm Bevins
Extension Professor Emeritus, Resource Economics and Recreation Management email
David Capen
Professor Emeritus, Applied Avian Ecoogy and Wildlife Habitat Analysis email
Alan Cassell
Professor Emeritus, Water Resources email
Donald DeHayes
Professor Emeritus, Forest Genetics and Tree Physiology email
John Donnelly
Professor Emeritus, Tree Physiology and Forest Ecology email
Lawrence Forcier (Larry)
Associate Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources email
Robert Fuller
Assistant Professor Emeritus, Wetlands Ecology and Wildlife Management email
Alphonse Gilbert
Associate Professor Emeritus, Resource Economics and Ski Area Management email
Peter Hannah
Professor Emeritus, Silviculture and Forest Soils email
David Hirth
Associate Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Behavioral Ecology and Deer Management email
Jurij Homziak
Extension Assistant Professor Emeritus, Lake Champlain Sea Grant email
Thomas Hudspeth (Tom)
Professor of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources Emeritus email
John Lindsay (Jack)
Associate Professor Emeritus, Outdoor Recreation Management and Planning email
Thomas McEvoy
Professor Emeritus, Forestry Extension email
Alan McIntosh
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences email
Leslie Morrissey
Associate Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences email
Carl Newton
Professor Emeritus, Forest Management and Natural Resources Planning email
Jean Richardson
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Program, Natural Resources and Geography email
John Shane
Lecturer Emeritus, Forestry email
John Todd
Professor Emeritus, Ecological Design email
Roy Whitmore
Professor Emeritus, Remote Sensing and Wood Technology email
Mary Watzin
Professor Emeritus, Aquatic Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Lake and Watershed Ecology email
Ian Worley
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Program, Botany email

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