University of Vermont

Taylor Ricketts

Taylor Ricketts

Professor / Director, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Phone: 802-656-7796
Office: Johnson House, 617 Main Street
Gund Institute:

Areas of Interest

Community and landscape ecology, ecosystem services, ecological economics, conservation biology, environmental policy, pollination ecology, biogeography, linking research and conservation communitites

My interests focus on the overarching issue: How do we meet the needs of people and nature in an increasingly crowded, changing world? I collaborate widely to integrate natural and social sciences in addressing both fundamental research questions and real-world conservation problems. Much of my recent work has focused on the economic benefits provided to people by forests, wetlands, reefs, and other natural areas. I work on understanding how ecosystems provide these benefits, what they are worth (and to whom), and how they might change in the future. Throughout my work, I aim to connect rigorous research with practical conservation and policy efforts, both in Vermont and worldwide. As part of that effort, I remain a Senior Fellow at World Wildlife Fund, where I directed the Conservation Science Program for nine years before moving to UVM.


Stanford University: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, 2000
Dartmouth College: B.A. magna cum laude in Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, 1991

Selected Publications

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