University of Vermont

Therese Donovan (Terri)

Terri Donovan

Assistant Unit Leader VT Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit/ Research Associate Professor

Phone: 802-656-2516
Office: 302B Aiken Center

Areas of Interest

Landscape ecology, wildlife population modeling, adaptive management

Instructional Program

Wildlife and Fisheries Biology


Ph.D. 1994 Biological Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia
M.S. 1986 Environmental Biology, Eastern Illinois University
B.S. 1984 Botany and Zoology with Teacher's Certification, Eastern Illinois University

Selected Publications

Smith, K.W., W. S. Keeton, T. M. Donovan, and B. Mitchell. 2008. Stand-level forest structure in avian habitat: scale dependencies in predicting occurrences in a heterogeneous forest. Forest Science 54:36-46.

Duerr, A., D. E. Capen , and T. M. Donovan. Wildlife management increases breeding dispersal in double-crested cormorants. Journal of Wildlife Management 71:2565-2574.

Bonter, D. N., T. M. Donovan, and E. W. Brooks. 2007. Daily mass changes in landbirds during migration stopover on the south shore of Lake Ontario. Auk 124-122-133.

Noa, L., D. H. Hirth, T. M. Donovan, and D. Cimprich. 2007. Demographic differences of black-capped vireos in two habitat types in central Texas. Journal of Wildlife Management 71:1042-1049.

Long, R. A., T. M. Donovan, P. MacKay, W. J. Zielinski, and J. S. Buzas. 2007. Effectiveness of scat detection dogs for detecting forest carnivores. Journal of Wildlife Management 71:2007-2017