University of Vermont

Paul Bierman

Paul Bierman

Professor in Geology and Natural Resources

Phone: 802-656-4411
Office: Department of Geology
Delahanty Hall
University of Vermont Trinity Campus
180 Colchester Avenue

Areas of Interest

Human/landscape interaction, isotope geochemistry, hydrology, science education

I am a Geomorphologist with wide-ranging interests including isotope geochemistry, surface processes, human-induced landscape change, and rates of erosion. I am particularly interested in working at the interface between active research, education, and science literacy at all levels -- thus my involvement in the Governor's Institutes of Vermont (a residential program for high school science students) and National Science Foundation's (NSF) Career and Distinguished Teaching Scholars (DTS) programs combining research and education.


Ph.D., 1993, Geology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA with A. Gillespie, "Cosmogenic Isotopes and the Evolution of Granitic Landforms"
MS, 1990, Geology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA with A. Gillespie, "Accuracy and Precision of Rock Varnish Cation Ratio Dating"
BA, 1985, Geology and Environmental Studies, Williams College, Williamstown, MA, "Deglaciation of Northwestern Massachusetts," (cum laude and senior thesis)

Selected Publications

Bierman, P. and Montgomery, D. (2013). Key Concepts in Geomorphology, W.H. Freeman, ISBN-10: 1429238607. 1st edition.

Bierman, P. R., (2013) Sandy: The Superstorm of 2012, Cengage Learning, 29 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1-285-77578-4

Pipkin, B., Trent, D.D., Hazlett, R, and Bierman, P., 2013, Geology and the Environment, 7th edition, Brookes Cole, Belmont, CA, 624 p.

Bierman, P..R., Coppersmith, R., Hanson, K., Neveling, J., Portenga, E., Rood, D. (2014) A cosmogenic view of erosion, relief generation, and the age of faulting in southern Africa. GSA Today. v. 24, n.9, 10.1130/GSATG206A.1

Bierman, P. R., Corbett, L., Graly, J., Neumann, T, Lini, A., Crosby, B., and Rood, D., (2014), Preservation of a pre-glacial landscape under the center of the Greenland Ice Sheet, Science. 10.1126/science.1249047

Cox, R. Bierman, P., Jungers, M., and Rakotondrazafy. M. (2009). Erosion rates and sediment sources in Madagascar inferred from 10Be analysis of lavaka, slope, and river sediment, Journal of Geology, v. 117, p. 363–376, DOI:10.1086/598945.

Nichols, K. K., Bierman, P. R. and Rood, D. (2014). 10Be constrains the sediment sources and sediment yields to the Great Barrier Reef from the tropical Barron River catchment, Queensland, Australia. Geomorphology, 224, p. 102–110.

Nelson, A. H., Bierman, P. R., Shakun, J. D., Rood, D. H. (2014), Using in situ cosmogenic 10Be to identify the source of sediment leaving Greenland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. DOI: 10.1002/esp.3565

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