University of Vermont

Jennifer Pontius

Jennifer Pontius

Research Assistant Professor

Phone: 802-656-3091
Office: 205C Aiken Center

Areas of Interest

forest health, remote sensing, GIS modeling

My research is cross-disciplinary with the ultimate goal of scaling plot-based forest health relationships to a landscape-scale using remote sensing and GIS modeling. To date, this work has focused on the detection and mapping of pre-visual forest decline symptoms resulting from invasive species, global climate change and acid deposition/nutrient depletion. These techniques provide a much-needed tool for the early detection of new and existing stressors and will allow forest management agencies to focus management efforts before stands are severely impacted.


Ph.D. 2004 Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New Hampshire
M.S. 1998 Natural Resources, University of New Hampshire
B.A. 1993 Environmental Science with a concentration in Terrestrial Ecology, University of Virginia
B.A. 1993 Spanish, University of Virginia

Selected Publications

Pontius, J., Martin, M., Plourde, L. and R. Hallett. 2008. Ash Decline Assessment in Emerald Ash Borer infested regions: a test of tree-level, hyperspectral technologies. Remote Sensing of Environment, 112, 5: 2665-2676.

Pontius, J.; Hallett, R. A., and Martin, M. E. 2006. Foliar chemistry linked to hemlock woolly adelgid success and hemlock susceptibility. Environmental Entomology 35(1):112-120.

Pontius, J.; Hallett, R. A., and Martin, M. E. 2005. Assessing hemlock decline using hyperspectral imagery: signature analysis, indices comparison and algorithm development. Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. 2005; 59 (6): 836-843.

Pontius, J.; Martin, ME, and Hallett, RA. 2005. Using AVIRIS to assess hemlock abundance and early decline in the Catskills, New York. Remote Sensing of Environment. 2005; 97:163-173.