University of Vermont

Ellen Marsden

Ellen Marsden

Professor of Fisheries/Chair of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Program

Phone: 802-656-0684
Office: 308D Aiken Center

Areas of Interest

Great Lakes fisheries restoration and ecology; native species restoration and impacts of exotic species; lake trout early life history and documentation of reproductive success by stocked fish and obstacles to restoration; yellow perch population dynamics and deep-water spawning by lake trout in Lake Michigan; sea lamprey movements and response to pheromones in Lake Champlain; effects of zebra mussels on soft sediment fauna and benthic predators

Ellen received her doctorate in Fisheries in 1988 from Cornell University, and was a post-doctoral associate at Cornell for two years, working on lake trout restoration in Lake Ontario. In 1990 she joined the Illinois Natural History Survey as director of the Lake Michigan Biological Station, where much of her research focused on the decline of yellow perch in Lake Michigan and the invasion of the Great Lakes by zebra mussels and round gobies.

Dr. Marsden moved to the University of Vermont in 1996 as an Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resources. Her research interests include restoration of native species, the biology and management of introduced species with particular reference to the Great Lakes, evolutionary genetics and genetic taxonomy. She has continued her work on early life history of lake trout in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, and now also conducts research on the biology and management of sea lamprey in Lake Champlain.


Ph.D. 1988 Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources
M.S. 1985 Cornell University, Ecology & Systematics
B.A. 1978 Bryn Mawr College, Biology

Selected Publications

Herbst, S. J., J. E. Marsden, and B. J. Lantry. 2013. Lake whitefish diet, condition, and energy density in Lake Champlain and the lower four Great Lakes following dreissenid invasions. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 142:388-398.

Howe, E. A., A. Lochet, C. P. Hand, J. E. Marsden, S. A. Ludsin, and B. J. Fryer. 2013. Tributary contributions to the parasitic and spawning adult population of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in Lake Champlain using elemental signatures. J. Great Lakes Res. 39:239-246

Marsden, J. E., P. Stangel, A Shambaugh. 2013. Zebra mussels in Lake Champlain: a sixteen-year monitoring database. Chapter 4, In: T. Nalepa and D. Schloesser, Quagga and Zebra Mussels: Biology, Impacts, and Control, 2nd ed. CRC Press.

Muir, A. M,, C. T. Blackie, J. E. Marsden, and C. C. Krueger. 2012. Lake charr Salvelinus namaycush spawning behaviour: new field observations and a review of current knowledge. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries.

Thurow, R. F., C. A. Dolloff, and J. E. Marsden. 2012. Visual observation of fish and aquatic habitat. Chapter 17, In: A. V. Zale, D. L. Parrish, and T. M .Sutton, eds., Fisheries Techniques 3rd ed., American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, MD.

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