University of Vermont

Deane Wang

Deane Wang

Associate Professor of Natural Resources

Phone: 802-656-2694
Office: 268 Jeffords Hall

Areas of Interest

Ecosystem ecology, carbon and climate change, sustainability, conservation and land stewardship

I teach courses relating to ecology and education including conservation, greening, systems, and sustainability. Working with graduate students (ecological planners and field naturalists), I emphasize service-learning and experiential learning. I also have supported an undergraduate summer service corps called LANDS ( My research has been on biogeochemistry and nutrient cycling at the ecosystem and landscape levels, and more recently on sustainability and education. I have been a research associate at Yale and the Institute for Ecosystem Studies, an assistant professor at the University of Washington, and an associate and acting dean at the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Instructional Program

Natural Resources


Ph.D. Yale University, Forest Ecology, 1984
M.S. Cornell University, Plant Ecology, 1977
B.A. Harvard College, General Studies, 1973

Selected Publications

Graves, R.A., and D. Wang. 2012. Wildlife habitat linkages in the eastern Adirondacks: Applying functional connectivity modeling to conservation planning for three focal species. Adirondack J. Env. Studies Volume 12: online.

Wang, D. 2012. Biogeochemical and nutrient cycling. IN R. Craig, J. Nagle, B. Pardy, O. Schmitz, W. Smith. (eds.). Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Volume 5 - Ecosystem Management and Sustainability. Berkshire Publishing Group, UK.

Foster, B., D. Wang, W.S. Keeton, and M.S. Ashton. 2010. Implementing sustainable forestry using six management concepts in an adaptive management framework. J. Sustainable Forestry 29:79-108.

Foster, B., Wang, D., Keeton, W. 2008. An exploratory, post-harvest comparison of ecological and economic characteristics of FSC certified and uncertified northern hardwood stands. J. Sustainable Forestry 26(3):171-191.

Troy, A., Wang, D., Capen, D., O'Neil-Dunne, J., and MacFaden, S. 2007. Updating the Lake Champlain Basin Land Use Data to Improve Prediction of Phosphorus Loading. Technical Report No. 54, Lake Champlain Basin Program. 116 p.

Dorioz, J.M., Wang, D., Poulenard, J., and Trévisan, D. 2006. The effect of grass buffer strips on phosphorus dynamics - a critical review and synthesis as a basis for application in agricultural landscapes in France. Agric. Ecosys. Environ. 117: 4-21.

Beard, K.H., Wang, D., Waite, C.E., Decker, K.L., Hawley, G.J., DeHayes, D.D., Hughes, J.W., and Cumming, J.R. 2005. Quantifying ecosystem controls and their contextual interactions on nutrient export from developing forest mesocosms. Ecosystems 8:210-224.

Wang, D., Dorioz, J-M., Trévisan, D., Braun, D.C., Windhausen, L.J., and Vansteelant, J-Y. 2004. Using a landscape approach to interpret diffuse phosphorus pollution and assist with water quality management in the basins of Lake Champlain (Vermont) and Lac Léman (France). pp. 159-190 IN T.O. Manley, P.L. Manley, and T.B. Mihuc. (eds.) Lake Champlain: Partnerships and Research in the New Millennium. Kluwer Academic Publishers: New York.

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