University of Vermont

Brian Voigt

Brian Voigt

Research Assistant Professor / Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Phone: 802-656-4094
Office: Johnson House, 617 Main Street
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Areas of Interest

Modeling, analyzing and quantifying land use change; ecosystem service assessment and valuation; quantitative spatial analysis; simulation modeling; natural hazards planning, policy, and risk assessment

Brian Voigt's research interests include developing and applying computer based systems for modeling land use change and the interaction between humans and their environment. His interests also include: ecosystem services and natural hazards, addressing existing and emerging environmental issues through participatory modeling and spatial analysis, and creating knowledge to facilitate improved environmental management. Brian's current research topics include modeling freshwater ecosystem services and the spread of infectious disease in Tanzania and modeling environmental tradeoffs resulting from alternative development patterns in Chittenden County, VT, USA.


PhD, Natural Resources, University of Vermont, 2010
Master of City & Regional Planning, Clemson University, 1997
BA, Mathematics (1994) and Sociology (1995), Miami University

Selected Publications

B. Voigt, C. Gustafson, and J.D. Erickson. 2012. Modeling Zoonotic Disease Regulation under Climate Change Scenarios in Semi-Arid Grasslands: a scoping model of water provisioning services in the Ruaha Landscape of Tanzania. Adapting Livestock to Climate Change Collaborative Research Support Program, Research Brief RB-08-2012.

K. J. Bagstad, G. W. Johnson, B. Voigt and F. Villa. In press. Spatial dynamics of ecosystem service flows: A comprehensive approach to quantifying actual service values. Ecosystem Services.

A. Troy, D. Azaria, B. Voigt and A. Sadek. 2012. Integrating a traffic router and microsimulator into a land use and travel demand model. Transportation Planning and Technology, 35(8), 737 - 751.

B. Voigt, A. Troy, B. Miles, and A. Reiss. 2009. Testing An Integrated Land Use and Transportation Modeling Framework for Small Metropolitan Area. Transportation Research Record (Journal of the Transportation Research Board). 2133: 83-91.