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The RSENR Stewards Program

RSENR Stewards We are a group of Rubenstein School students who strive to build a stronger Rubenstein community by welcoming all students, supporting undergrads throughout their years here, and preparing them to graduate.

We work with the Dean's Office, local Burlington high schools, and with prospective students.
We support the student community via peer advising, community building events, and sustainable initiatives.
We help to prepare undergrads for graduation through internship promotion, resume building, and more.

Come and chat with us in Room 219 Aiken Center! See our hours listed below. You're also welcome to email us at :

James BiddleJames Biddle, Senior Forestry Major
Hey! My name is James Biddle, and I come from the sailing town of Annapolis, MD. I am majoring in Forestry and minoring in Geospatial Technologies (aka GIS). I felt that it was really important to let folks in the Rubenstein School know about the great opportunities in store, and how to take advantage of them. I currently help lead the Vermont Students for Environmental Protection, coordinate community efforts with on-campus trees, apprentice leading Outing Club trips, am active on the Varsity Crew team, and facilitate UVM meditation groups. I love music and going to shows and am really into hiking and backcountry skiing (pray for pow this winter!). Stop by to chat, ask questions, talk music, or learn about the sweet experiences you can have with the Rubenstein School community. Tuesday 2:25-4:45, Wednesday 9:30-11:30

Eva FaberEva Faber, Senior Environmental Sciences Major
Hello! I'm Eva, and I'm an Environmental Sciences major in Rubenstein with a concentration in Ecological Design. I was born and raised on Martha's Vineyard and I'm proud to call myself an "Islander." I'm most interested in learning about how ecosystems work and how to design ecosystems that meet human needs and reduce our impact on the environment. In the past I've done conservation work aimed at protecting endangered shorebirds and studied other species on the Island. I'm also an avid gardener, hiker, and enthusiastic about all things outdoors. Feel free to reach out to me by email or stop by my office hours anytime!

B FreasB Freas, Senior Parks, Recreation and Tourism Major
Howdy all. My name is B, and I'm a Parks, Recreation and Tourism major. In addition, I'm pursuing a minor in Spanish, and am currently fluent in the language. In my free time, I like climbing trees, writing poems, challenging societal norms, and appreciating puns. On campus I'm involved in residential life as an RA, I'm a part of the 2014 Translating Identities Conference committee, and I'm a full time student. Monday 10-12, Friday 9-10

Laurel MartinezLaurel Martinez, Senior Environmental Sciences Major
Hello, Rubenstein School! I’m Laurel Martinez, an Environmental Sciencse major with a special interest in biology. I’m from Maryland, just outside of DC, but I’ve also lived in Florida and New Mexico. Some of my interests include fine arts, hiking, botany, writing, and science. I’m excited to be a part of this community and look forward to helping students along their college journey. Feel free to contact me. Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-1:00, Wednesday 9:15-10:15

Katlyn WilliardKatlyn Williard, Senior Forestry Major
Hi there! I'm Katlyn, a Forestry and Natural Resources Ecology major here in Rubenstein. I'm originally from Blacksburg, Virginia, but I'm so happy to call Vermont my home away from home. When I'm not spending quality time with trees, I love geocaching, campfires, and romping around the woods with friends. One day, I'd love to work for the US Forest Service and hopefully visit all fifty states by the time I'm fifty. If you want to chat or have questions about anything, be sure to come to my office hours and/or email me. Cheers! Monday 10:45-1:15, Thursday 2:45-4:15

Lucas BeckLucas Beck, Junior Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Major
Hello Rubenstein! My name is Lucas Beck. I was born in Maryland just outside of D.C., but I have lived overseas as well. I am studying wildlife biology and want to work in large carnivore conservation. I really enjoy hiking, fishing and skiing. Looking forward to seeing you all around Aiken! Tuesday 2:35-4:25, Wednesday 11-1

Bayla FisherBayla Fisher, Junior Environmental Sciences Major
Hey! My name is Bayla Fisher. I am an Environmental Sciences major with a double minor in Geospatial Technologies and Chemistry. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. My interests are photography, knitting, comedy, and star gazing. I am involved in UPB, the ALANA community and a RA. I am super excited to be part of this community! Feel free to visit or send me an email! Monday & Wednesday 9:30-10:30, Thursday 9:50-10:50, Friday 9-10

Kristen SwitzerKristen Switzer, Junior Environmental Sciences Major
Hi everyone! My name is Kristen Switzer and I am an Environmental Sciencse major here in Rubenstein, as well as an Honors College student. I’m a native Vermonter and love every season that comes with this state. I enjoy swimming in Vermont’s countless lakes and ponds during the hot weather and skiing down mountains in the cold. I spent my summer collecting water samples and processing data for the United States Department of Agriculture through the Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District. Please feel free to stop by during office hours or contact me with any questions. Monday & Tuesday 10-12

Lila: Tuesday & Thursday 11:20-1:15

Emily: Tuesday 10:30-1, Wednesday & Friday 12-1

Kunal: Monday 9-12 and 2:15-3:15

Sarah: Tuesday 3-5, Thursday 10-12

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