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"I feel like I am growing a lot in this class . . . The most learning and self-learning occurs at the edges of comfort, so it only makes sense that an institution of higher learning should be willing to step out of its conventions and try something new for a change. Make me uncomfortable and I will soon engage. Pull us out of tunnel vision and we might remember what a web we live in and we can work to weave together."senior in NR 206: Environmental Problem-solving and Impact Assessment

"I took Sustainability Education and had a great service-learning experience. My partnership was with Orchard Elementary School in South Burlington. Every week another classmate and I would go to Orchard on Wednesday mornings for a couple of hours and teach environmental science to a class of second-graders. Their teacher gave us a lot of freedom and responsibility; we were expected to prepare a new, fun, interactive, and educational lesson plan for each week. Ultimately, all of our lessons culminated in an in-depth soil study with the elementary school students. We then used those lessons as part of our term project, which I am now referencing and using in job applications to show that I have comprehensive experience developing my own curricula." Julia Breul, '12 RSENR graduate

"I think service-learning classes like NR 206 should be required for all students, not just Rubenstein School students. I feel service-learning courses allow students to develop relationships with individuals in the community and have personal contact with real issues and examples, rather than reading about countless case studies or past documents." — senior in NR 206: Environmental Problem-solving and Impact Assessment, spring 2012

"My service-learning project helped to reassure the confidence I had toward the path I have thought about for my future." — senior in NR 206: Environmental Problem-solving and Impact Assessment, spring 2012

"I think the reason this service-learning project meant so much to me was because I got to see all the hard work that goes into creating these [service-learning] courses and how much professors love getting students engaged in the community. For community members to be able to relate to University students, I think is important because then they stop seeing us as 'those people on the hill who don't really belong'. By getting involved and engaging with the greater Burlington and even Vermont area, it shows people that we are a part of this community too and that we want to listen and help in the ways that are needed." Senowa Mize-Fox, '12 RSENR graduate

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