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Service-learning Courses in RSENR

Though the Rubenstein School is the smallest school at UVM, it offers a large portion of all the service-learning courses taught across campus. Learn more about our service-learning community partners.

Current Service-learning Courses

The following academic year courses have been designated as service-learning through the Office of Community-University Partnerships and Service-Learning.

Spring 2016

  • ENSC 195 Greening of Aiken, Gary Hawley
  • ENSC 201 Recovery & Restoration of Altered Ecosystems, Bill Keeton
  • ENSC 202 Ecological Risk Assessment, Breck Bowden
  • ENVS 295 SU Environmental Sustanability Education, Trish O'Kane
  • ENVS 187 Campus Sustainability, Wendy Verrei-Berrenback
  • FOR 195 Natural Resource Ecology and Assessment, Tony D'amato
  • NR 195 Bahamas: Place-based Eco Design, Walter Poleman
  • NR 195/ENVS 195/PRT 188, Community Conservation and Development in Costa Rica, David Kestenbaum
  • NR 195 Design Build Studio, Felix Wai
  • NR 206 Environmental Problem-Solving & Impact Assessment, Zac Ispa-Landa
  • NR 264/VS 296, Charlie Ross Environmental Public Service Practicum, Clare Ginger
  • NR 295/395 Energy Systems Transition, Jennie Stephens

Fall 2015

  • NR 001 Natural History and Field Ecology, Walter Poleman, NR
  • NR 015 Ecology of Place, Leah Mittal-Skiff, NR
  • NR 016 Ecological Citizenship: Place-Based Herbalism, Kate Westdijk, RSENR
  • NR 185 Catalyzing Ecological Design, David Hohenshau & Tyler Kobick
  • NR 206 Environmental Problem Solving & Impact Assessment, Zac Ispa-Landa, NR
  • NR 243 GIS Practicum, Jarlath ONeil-Dunne, RSENR
  • NR 285 Community-Based Natural Resource Management, Cecilia Danks, RSENR
  • PRT 138 Landscape Architecture for Parks, Rec and Tourism, David Raphael, PRT
  • PRT 158 Resort Marketing & Management, David Kaufman, PRT
  • WFB 275 Wildlife & Society, John Buck & Walt Kuentzel

Past Service-learning Courses:

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