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Our Clients

We customize all our programs and are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our clientele. We recognize and embrace the diversity of groups taking advantage of our course. Many factors are considered while planning and implementing your day at the UVM ARC, especially group context and group and individual goals. For all our groups, we offer pre- and post-program site visits at an additional cost to better understand your group's dynamics and to aide in transferring learning back to the school or workplace.

Business/Corporate Development

We welcome relationships with employers who value their employees, are invested in strengthening employee relations, and are committed to providing experiences that enable their employees to excel. Knowing the work we do on the ropes course is only part of an ongoing effort to improve employee communication and teamwork, we encourage our clients to call us with challenges they face beyond the scope of the ropes course visit. We are a popular destination for attendees of conferences and retreats, as the experiential process is both engaging and productive. Experiential ropes course challenges facilitate openness and respect for self and others providing a gateway to intentional group development, cooperative teamwork, and professional growth.

University/College Communities

Many of our clients, like us, spend their days working and engaged on college campuses, and many of our facilitators are college employees or students. We are well-prepared to address the range of issues typical to college culture, from helping students bond or cope with academic and peer pressure; to easing staff and faculty transitions and providing coworkers a time to learn how to work with each other.

School Groups

School and youth groups have particular needs, including a progression of activities and elements suited to their size, pace, and attention. Chaperones and teachers play a key role (and sometimes a difficult one) in making the day successful. They serve as role models and are there only to support and manage the group, thus allowing the students' group process to unfold without adult input.

Youth Camps/Programs

Community groups have historically embraced ropes courses as a wonderful venue to improve self-esteem, perseverance, and leadership skills, and for good reason! We are honored to facilitate the individual and group development processes that take place on our ropes course, knowing our community is only as strong as its members.

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