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Participation in UVM’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)

To maintain good standing in the Collegiate Recovery Community at the University of Vermont, you must adhere to the policies and expectations of the Collegiate Recovery Community Program, all University Policies, as well as City and State policies and laws.  All Collegiate Recovery Community Students at the University of Vermont are expected to sign and submit a Commitment Contract each semester they are involved with the CRC. 

By signing this contract, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the values and principles that UVM's CRC staff, faculty, and students have created as a direct result of practical experience, student input, best practices, and the application of scholarly research. The guidelines set forth within this body are intended to create a culture of understanding, commitment to recovery, integrity and respect.  UVM's CRC strives to help students champion lives of recovery, achieve academic success, and thrive in a community of support and accountability. While we are grateful to have you be a part of our community, please be aware that your participation is a privilege. Your recovery is your responsibility; your time here is what you make of it. Once you have signed the Commitment Contract, you are agreeing to be a committed member of the CRC.  The CRC reserves the discretion to revise, amend or change the terns of the contract at any time without notice in accordance with the best interests of the University of Vermont, the Center for Health & Wellbeing, and the CRC.

Participation and Program Goals

The Collegiate Recovery Community is a voluntary, peer-based program offered by the University of Vermont. It is designed to provide an environment of nurturing, support, and perr connections for students recovering from addictive disorders and living a recovering lifestyle.

By choosing to participate in the Collegiate Recovery Community Program, you recognize that the support the program provides augments your efforts to sustain recovery while attending to your university studies. You agree to the terms and conditions of the CRC knowing that the program benefits you by enhancing your ability to achieve academic success, complete degree requirements, sustain recovery, and to continue your individual development.

    UVM's CRC requires that all active members:

    1. I will submit a CRC Application to be admitted into the program initially, and after any period of withdrawal from either CRC or UVM.
    2. I will sign and submit a UVM CRC Commitment Contract to the CRC Office semesterly.
    3. I am working an active program of recovery as described in my annual Recovery Protection Plan (submitted to the CRC Staff annually).
    4. I will participate in the CRC Course for my first two semesters in the CRC.
    5. I will participate in either the CRC Discussion Group and/or Recovery Therapy Group every semester beyond my first two semesters with the CRC.
    6. I will participate in a minimum of one other CRC-sponsored activity per week during the academic year.

    We value recovery based on spirituality. 

    UVM's CRC respects various paths to recovery.  The 12-step model is the path most often chosen by CRC students. If a student chooses a path other than a 12-step program it must be a mutual self-help group and the student should discuss it with CRC Staff.
    1. I will remain abstinent from alcohol and other drugs.
    2. I will attend at least two recovery meetings each week including a home group or other recovery support meeting approved by CRC Staff.
    3. I will develop a strong, honest relationship with a sponsor that works a 12-Step program or a recovery mentor with CRC Staff approval.
    4. I will be involved in service opportunities that are offered through the CRC and my recovery meetings.
    5. I will pursue activities that foster the development of a spiritual life.

    We value personal responsibility, integrity, and living a balanced life.

    1. I will adhere to the principles of honesty, open-mindedness and willingness.
    2. I will treat myself and others with dignity and respect.
    3. I will follow the CRC guidelines with respect to required and suggested activities.
    4. I will refrain from attending high-risk environments prior to having one year of sobriety and one semester in the CRC program.  Exchange of money between students for gaming or gambling purposes, on or off campus, is prohibited.
    5. The CRC exists within the framework of the larger University of Vermont community.  I will take responsibility for knowing all college policies in the Student Handbook.

    We value educational success.

    1. I will attend and be on time for all classes unless medical conditions make it impossible.
    2. I will engage in positive academic efforts toward success.
    3. I will complete and turn in all assignments on time as outlined by the instructor.
    4. I will participate in UVM and CRC academic support programs.

    We value community, servant leadership, and the richness of diversity.

    1. I will strive to be a role model in all aspects of my program.
    2. I will treat others respectfully and use proper boundaries in honoring the privacy and confidentiality of others.
    3. I will support CRC students and hold them accountable to the policies of the CRC Commitment Contract.
    4. I will give back what has been freely given to me.
    5. I will strive to support the community of CRC in my language, actions, and behaviors.
    6. I am aware that my behavior on and off campus is a reflection of the CRC Program and I will subsequently conduct my day-to-day activities with honesty, integrity, leadership and character.

    We value an alcohol and other drug-free environment that is protective of recovery.

    1. I will not use or possess mood-altering substances (either on or off campus) not directly prescribed for me by a physician.
    2. I will not use or have in my possession any drug paraphernalia.

    We value healthy minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions.

    1. I am responsible for addressing any cross-addictions that I have noticed within myself or have been identified by professionals as harmful to me.
    2. I take responsibility for my own recovery. I will secure and keep appointments for maintaining ongoing mental health care relationships with psychologists, therapists, or psychiatrists when therapy and medication have been recommended as part of my recovery plan.
    3. I will remain medication compliant, following physician's orders as prescribed.
    4. I will use my medications only in the manner prescribed by my physician.

In the event of a relapse/slip regarding use of alcohol or another drug:

  1. Every situation will be considered individually,
  2. Your willingness to recommit to your recovery will be assessed;
  3. If appropriate, a higher level of care (IOP or in-patient) may be required;
  4. A revamp of your recovery plan will be necessary;
  5. The CRC will engage in discussion regarding the use, and its impact on the community;
  6. If appropriate, the Center for Student Ethics and Standards (or other judicial/legal) processes will be followed.

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