Participation in UVM’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)

To maintain good standing in the Collegiate Recovery Community at the University of Vermont, you must adhere to the policies and expectations of the Collegiate Recovery Community Program, all University Policies, as well as City and State policies and laws. 

What you can expect:
The Collegiate Recovery Community at the University of Vermont strives to create an environment where you shall:
  1. Be treated with dignity, respect and consideration at all times;
  2. Be treated with respect regarding your cultural beliefs and traditions;
  3. Have a safe, secure, clean, and accessible environment;
  4. Be welcomed into the CRC community;
  5. Be held accountable to your commitment of recovery from alcohol and other drugs;
  6. Have opportunities to get involved in outings, activities, and field trips that embrace a clean and sober lifestyle;
  7. Participate in decisions about your recovery; to be engaged in developing your treatment plan.
  8. Expect reasonable continuity of care; this includes information regarding the times that clinicians are available for appointments.
  9. Have the opportunity to consent or refuse to participate in any research affecting your care. To consent or refuse interns as your care clinician/counselor.
  10. Have the ability to communicate to the Collegiate Recovery Community any grievance or suggestion about the care or services received.
In order to maintain this environment, it is the responsibility of every CRC member to offer the same level of respect, dignity, consideration, safety and security expected of others and the community.
What we expect from you:
  1. Demonstrate respect for others, others’ recovery, and the policies of the CRC;
  2. Develop and maintain a Recovery Protection Plan (this shall include);
    • Develop healthy relationships with others in recovery;
    • Develop social network of activities that do not involve addictive substances or behaviors;
    • Strive towards the qualities of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness;
    • Refrain from visiting high-risk environment;
    • Maintain sobriety and sober lifestyle (not spending time with people, places or things from addiction).
  3. Fully participate in regular cleaning of the CRC;
  4. Contribute to maintaining a positive sense of community within the CRC;
  5. Be on time for classes, appointment and commitments, unless medical conditions make it impossible.
  6. Maintain commitment to academics to stay at UVM;
  7. Enroll and participate in the Collegiate Recovery Community one-credit course;
  8. Complete and maintain Recovery Protection Plan;
  9. Attend all Collegiate Recovery Community mandatory community meetings;
  10. Attend a Recovery Support meeting a minimum of 1x/week;
  11. Attend one Collegiate Recovery Community program event per month;
In the event of a relapse/slip regarding use of alcohol or another drug:
  1. Every situation will be considered individually;
  2. Your willingness to recommit to your recovery will be assessed;
  3. If appropriate, a higher level of care (IOP or in-patient) may be required;
  4. A revamp of your Recovery Protection Plan will be necessary;
  5. The CRC will be engage in discussion regarding the use, and its impact on the community;
  6. If appropriate, the Center for Student Ethics and Standards (or other judicial/legal) processes will be followed;
  7. Loss of housing in the CRC may be considered (if applicable).
Students living in the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) will be responsible for creating and maintaining communities within their buildings that adhere to the Residential Life Housing Policies as described in the Housing and Meal Plan Contract Terms and Conditions, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, the University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and to Federal and Vermont State laws. Students will be responsible for maintaining the conditions of their living areas, including bathrooms and kitchens.

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