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Mark Bouton Named 24th QUAD-L Award Winner

Mark Bouton
Mark Bouton, Ph.D.
Psychology Professor Mark Bouton is the 24th Recipient of the QUAD-L Lecture Award. Bestowed on November 1, 2013 in Albuquerque by the Psychology Department of the University of New Mexico, the award was given by the QUAD-L Trust in recognition of his outstanding research and contributions to the field of learning, memory, and cognition.

Dr. Bouton is the Robert B. Lawson Green and Gold Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Vermont. His research focuses on the role of context in associative learning and the processes involved in extinction of conditional responding, with an emphasis on how these factors contribute to clinically relevant problems including anxiety, avoidance, and addiction.

The QUAD-L Trust

The Quad-L stands for Logan Literature and Laws of Learning. The Quad-L Trust was founded by Frank A. Logan who was on the UNM faculty 1964-1989, serving as Chair of the Psychology Department 1964-1975. The primary goals of the Trust are to encourage recognition of the historical antecedents of contemporary work in the general area of learning/memory/cognition, and to facilitate access to the antecedents. A collateral goal is to encourage application of scientific knowledge about learning/memory/cognition to practical affairs of everyday life.

The QUAD-L Award

QUAD-L Award plaque
QUAD-L Award Plaque
The Quad-L Award is intended to honor a distinguished contemporary scientist who is actively engaged in research in some facet of learning/memory/cognition. The recipient of the award is selected by the faculty and graduate students of the UNM Psychology Department.

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