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Class of 2014

Kerry O'Loughlin Kerry O'Loughlin Mentor James Hudziak
Areas I am interested in developmental psychopathology and the ways in which risk and resilience operate in children's lives.
Virginia Peisch Virginia Peisch Mentor Keith Burt
Areas Broadly speaking, I am interested in Developmental Psychopathology. I want to study how risk and protective factors interact and shape an individual's developmental trajectory. Our lab's research focuses on the adolescent period of human development.
Joanna Streck Joanna Streck Mentor Stacey Sigmon
Areas My research interests focus on the etiology, maintenance and treatment of substance use disorders and their comorbidities, such as various psychopathology, particularly anxiety disorders. I have a specific interest in tobacco dependence. My research will focus on the effects of reduced nicotine content cigarettes among opiate-maintained individuals.
Ivori Zvorsky Ivori Zvorsky Mentor Stephen Higgins
Areas I am interested in investigating efficacious methods to increase cessation in substance abusing populations. Currently I am working with Dr. Higgins at the Vermont Center on Behavior & Health investigating smoking cessation using financial incentives in pregnant cigarette smokers.

Class of 2013

Hannah Holbrook Hannah Holbrook Mentor James Hudziak
Areas My research interests focus on risk and resiliency in children, and the way in which environmental and genetic factors can impact mood and anxiety in response to trauma.
Kelsey Hudson Kelsey Hudson Mentor Alice Schermerhorn
Areas My research interests are in the area of developmental psychopathology. I am interested in identifying children who are at risk in the context of stress; specifically, I am studying how underlying mechanisms like stress reactivity and neural processes can help us in identifying youth susceptible to mental illness.
Elias Klemperer Elias Klemperer Mentor John Hughes
Areas I am interested in substance use disorders. Specifically my research focuses on nicotine addiction, smoking cessation, and smokers who are not ready to quit smoking.
Jonah Meyerhoff Jonah Meyerhoff Mentor Kelly Rohan
Areas Adult mood disorders
Emily Pichler Emily Pichler Mentor Karen Fondacaro and Rex Forehand
Areas I am interested in the development of emotion regulation, coping skills, and stress reactivity in childhood and adolescence, with particular focus on the roles of: 1) parental life stress and trauma, 2) parent-child interactions, 3) mindfulness, acceptance, and avoidance.
Geoffrey Schaubhut Geoffrey Schaubhut Mentor Alexandra Potter
Areas I am interested in the application of impulsivity research toward the understanding of psychological disorders including ADHD, AUD's and use disorders. Of particular interest is the impact of emotional events on impulsive behavior on these disorders. Thus I aim to: 1) identify endophenotypes which may benefit from specific CBT targets (emotional regulation, impulse regulation, etc.), 2) develop neurobiologically valid assessments of emotional impulsivity, 3) enhance client awareness of the impact of impaired emotional regulation on pathological behaviors.
Sarah Stanger Sarah Stanger Mentor Jamie Abaied
Areas My research interests are in developmental psychopathology and the effectiveness of a family-based approach to the prevention and treatment of childhood emotional and behavioral problems.

Class of 2012

Anne Brassell Anne Brassell Mentor Betsy Hoza
Areas I am interested in applied aspects of ADHD research. Namely, investigating non-pharmacological interventions aimed at increasing executive and behavioral functioning.
Andrew Gill Andrew Gill Mentor Timothy Stickle
Areas My interests regard disordered behavior in children and adolescents, especially emerging antisociality and psychopathy. These disorders are marked by significant emotional and interpersonal deficits, and by studying the way abnormal emotional processes develop and lead to antisocial behavior, I intend to improve our ability to prevent or treat these conditions.
Quyen Nichols J.Quyen Nichols Mentor Betsy Hoza
Areas ADHD from a developmental psychopathology perspective
Elyse Rosenberg Elyse Rosenberg Mentor Keith Burt
Areas I am primarily interested in studying risk and resilience from a developmental psychopathology perspective. My research interests focus on how stress and coping mechanisms relate to psychological outcomes and adjustment.
Service Graduate Student Representative

Class of 2011

Victoria Baptiste Victoria Baptiste Mentor Sondra Solomon
Areas Ms. Baptiste is committed to under-served populations and groups with multiple risk factors. Her research and practice will seek to investigate and address mental health disparities, access to and retention of mental health services, and culturally-appropriate therapeutic methodologies. Of special interest are the socio-cultural determinants of help-seeking behavior among racial/ethnic minorities, with an eye toward increasing that rate.
Sheau-Yan Ho Sheau-Yan Ho Mentor Kelly Rohan
Areas Adult mood disorders and women's health
Timothy LaVigne Timothy LaVigne Mentor Robert Althoff
Areas I am primarily interested in studying ADHD from a developmental psychopathology perspective. I am also interested in how peer relationships are affected in children with ADHD and researching different evidence based treatments.
Melissa Paiva-Salisbury Melissa Paiva-Salisbury Mentor Timothy Stickle
Areas My research interests are in the field of Forensic Psychology, with a focus on translational research. My previous work has included the study of Eyewitness Procedures, Juvenile Risk Assessment and Juvenile Mental Health Screening. My future research will focus on the etiologies of callous-unemotional traits.
Justin Parent Justin Parent Mentor Rex Forehand
Areas My research interests are grounded in the field of developmental psychopathology and more specifically, include examining the role of parents in their children's mental health trajectory.
Wesley Sanders Wesley Sanders Mentor Jamie Abaied
Areas My interests focus on emotion regulation and developmental psychopathology. More specifically, my research looks at emotion dysregulation as mediated by parental socialization and what effect this has on behavioral outcomes in the child. In early childhood, children are just beginning to take on the burden of regulating their own emotions; a task largely relegated to the parents in the early formative years. As this change over begins, many social factors can influence the child while he or she learns when and how to modify emotional responses. Parents obviously play an enormous role in the development of the child, but what I find of particular interest are the differences between parent genders. Given that little research has looked at paternal influence in emotional development, my research focuses on the socializing factors from both parents and the unique contributions of the father.
Meghan Schreck Meghan Schreck Mentor Robert Althoff
Areas I am interested in the etiology, assessment, and treatment of internalizing disorders in children and adults. My current research interests are: 1) examining the biological, cognitive, and environmental processes of child and adolescent anxiety and mood dysregulation, 2) applying the knowledge gained to the development and implementation of effective assessment measures and therapeutic interventions, and 3) examining the relation between exercise participation and withdrawn behavior (e.g., conflicted shyness and social disinterest). Additionally, I am interested in the development of an intervention program to change exercise behavior, and the cognitive and behavioral mechanisms that may engender change.
Service Graduate Student Representative

Class of 2010

Jessica Clifton Jessica Clifton Mentor Alessandra Rellini
Areas Ms. Clifton is broadly interested in human sexuality and specifically interested in exploring how emotions and communication interact with relational and sexual satisfaction.
Eileen Crehan Eileen Crehan Mentor Robert Altoff
Areas Ms. Crehan is primarily interested in childhood psychiatric disorders such as juvenile bipolar disorder/dysregulation disorder, ADHD and autism. Her focus is in building statistical models to best map these disorders.
Maggie Evans Maggie Evans Mentor Kelly Rohan
Areas Adult Mood Disorders
Martin Seehuus Martin Seehuus Mentor Alessandra Rellini
Areas Mr. Seehuus' research explores how arousal works (or doesn't work) in sexual function, with a particular focus on arousal disorders. He is currently looking into the relationship between general arousal, sexual arousal and risky sexual behavior, and the possible connection between arousal disorders in women and later cardiovascular health.

Class of 2009

student photo Julianna Hogan Mentor Micheal Zvolensky
Areas Anxiety and Substance Use
student photo Amy Paysnick Mentor Keith Burt
Areas Risk and Resilience

Class of 2008

student photo Jennifer Rough Mentor Kelly Rohan
Areas Adult Mood Disorders

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