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Sondra Solomon

The Clinical Training Program

Sondra Solomon

Sondra Solomon
Associate Professor of Psychological Science
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry

  • B.A. Long Island University, 1970
  • M.A. New York University, 1990
  • Ph.D. University of Vermont, 1994
C.V. (PDF)
Phone: (802) 656-3034
Room: 346

Office Hours: Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00

Website: Person Environment Zone Projects

Directorships & Duties
Director, Undergraduate Program, Department of Psychological Science
Affiliated Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies
Affiliated Faculty, ALANA U.S. Ethnic Studies Program

My major interests encompass three areas:

  • Psychosocial Sequelae of HIV/AIDS in Rural Areas
  • Visible and Concealed Physical Distinctions (Stigma)
  • Multicultural Concerns and Curriculum Transformation

Other Areas of Interest
I direct the Fall Institute on Racism, Heterosexism, Bias and Oppression and am Chair of the University of Vermont's Diversity Curriculum Review Committee. I am committed to mentoring undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds (e.g., race, class, age, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, etc.)

Representative Publications

Bias and Oppression

  • Bunn, J.Y., Solomon, S.E., Miller, C.T., Forehand, R.L. (2007). Measurement of stigma in people with HIV: A re-examination of the HIV stigma scale. AIDS Education and Prevention, 19, 198-208.
  • Solomon, S.E. & Saucier, D.A., (2006). Perceived effectiveness of a bias awareness program. Race, Gender & Class: A Potpourri in Psychology; and Others. 13, 96-108.

Civil Unions and Civil Rights

  • Solomon, S.E., Rothblum, E.D., & Balsam, K.F. (2004). Pioneers in partnership: Lesbian and gay male couples in civil unions compared with those not in civil unions, and heterosexual married siblings. Journal of Family Psychology, 18, 275-286.
  • Solomon, S.E., Rothblum, E.D., & Balsam, K.F. (2005). Money, housework, sex, and conflict: Same-sex couples in civil unions, those not in civil unions, and heterosexual married siblings. Sex Roles, 52, 561-575.
  • Balsam, K.F., Beauchaine, T.P., Rothblum, E.D. & Solomon, S.E. (2008). Three-year follow-up of same-sex couples who had civil unions in Vermont, same-sex couples not in civil unions, and heterosexual married couples, Developmental Psychology, 44, 102-116.


  • Zvolensky, M. J., Solomon, S. E., McLeish, A. C., Cassidy, D., Bernstein, A., Bowman, C. J., & Yartz, A. R. (2006). Incremental validity of mindfulness-based attention in relation to the concurrent prediction of anxiety and depressive symptomatology and perceptions of health. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 35, 148-158.
  • McKee, L., Zvolensky, M.J., Solomon, S.E., Bernstein, A., & Leen-Feldner, E.W., (2007). Emotional vulnerability and mindfulness: Associations between negative affectivity, anxiety sensitivity, and mindfulness skills. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 36, 91-101.
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