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Advice on What Courses to Take

The online Degree Audit Report operated through the Registrar's Student SIS access, permits a student to analyze exactly what College, Major, and Minor requirements she or he has fulfilled and which remain unfilled at any point in time. Walk in hours are available each week Monday through Friday from 1:00pm to 2:00 pm in John Dewey room 246B, for you to drop by and seek assistance if you have trouble reading the Degree Audit Report, or have questions regarding course requirements. If you believe that the information in your Degree Audit Report is incorrect, contact Arts & Sciences Student Services (656-3344).

First Year Course Suggestions

  • In the first semester of your first year, it is best to take PSYS 001 (Introduction to Psychological Science) as this is the gateway course to the Department as well as a prerequisite for 100 level psychological science courses.
  • It is best to take at most two 100 level psychological science courses so you can concentrate on meeting the College of Arts & Sciences degree requirements.
  • Arts & Sciences degree requirements are described on the College of Arts & Sciences' website. Special questions regarding these requirements are best answered by an advisor in the Dean's Office. Just call 656-3344 or stop at 438 College St. (just behind Waterman Bldg.) and ask to speak to an advisor.

Second Year Course Suggestions

  • It is important that you take PSYS 053- Research Methods (formerly PSYC 109) the Fall of your second year and PSYS 054- Statistics for Psychological Science (formerly Psychology Research Methods II, PSYC 109) the Spring of your second year so you can complete the rest of your major requirements in a timely manner. PSYS 053 (Research Methods) is the gateway course to the psychological science major and a prerequisite for almost all 200 level psychological science courses.
  • It is also important to take PSYS 053 (Research Methods) and 054 (Statistics for Psychological Science) during your sophomore year if you plan to study abroad in your junior or senior year so as to guarantee meeting 200 level course prerequisites.

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