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Undergraduate Participation in Research Studies for Course Credit

Sona Systems
This website contains documentation for the Sona Systems research participation system. Used by universities around the world, Sona Systems allows undergraduate students to sign up for research studies and obtain required course credit or extra credit.

STUDENT PARTICIPANTS PLEASE NOTE: the system requires you to request an account before your first login (see Quick Start Guide).

To Request an Account on the Sona System

Only student participants should request an account via this webpage. Instructors and researchers should contact the system administrator for an account. Student participants must be 18 years or older to use this system. If you are under 18, please contact your course instructor.

The first step is to request an account. At the bottom left, click on New Participant / Request an account here. Fill out the information on this form (other than your phone number, which is not needed) and click Request Account.

DO NOT use your UVM NetID or 95 number. Instead, choose your own User ID that can be any combination of letters and numbers. You will be assigned a random password which you can change in the system. DO NOT change this to your NetID password or password used for other sites, because it may be sent via email. Instead, choose and write down a unique password for this site.

To Login to the Sona System Site and Browse Studies

Your login information and instructions will be emailed to you. If this does not come within a few minutes of registering, make sure that email from is not being blocked or routed to your junk mail folder.

From the main page, you can browse studies, track your "points" / progress / signups, cancel a signup, and view/edit your user profile.


Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide contains key information for undergraduate student participants: How to request a login, how to sign up for studies, etc.

Detailed documentation

Please note that the full documentation files listed below may refer to elements of the system that are not applicable to UVM's configuration. If you have questions about whether or not a particular aspect of the system is applicable, please contact

Participant documentation

Researcher documentation

Instructor documentation

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