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Fall Article


Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor

Once again the 2004 North Country Garden Calendar, a cooperative effort of the Extension systems of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, is available for sale.  The cost is $6 with discounted prices if you buy five or more.

As in the past, each month has a top panel covering some topic in more depth, and daily gardening tips with appropriate moon phases and holidays listed as well.  Tips include new information, such as suggestions for some new and proven plants.  There are also gentle reminders such as to feed the birds, or to check houseplants for pests.  There are reminders for projects you may not have remembered, such as to sharpen tools, or to clean leaves from gutters in fall.  Timely tips remind you when to plant and harvest particular flowers or food crops, and how to do so.

The illustrated monthly topics, in much more depth than the daily tips, provide ideas such as for useful garden tools, garden gifts, or the authors' favorite suggestions for garden accessories.   Choosing the right plants for the right locations are covered with such topics as gardening in woodland habitats, along woodland edges, along watersides, or in rock gardens.  Suggestions for wildlife are covered for hummingbirds and butterflies.  Food topics are covered with a great table of cover crops in the fall, and how to use food crops for their beauty.

Of course, one calendar can't begin to answer all your questions, so information is included on the Master Gardener network in each of the three northern New England states and how to contact them.  Useful contact information also is provided for each state's plant diagnostic clinic, soil testing lab, and publications office.

This calendar, packed full of useful gardening information for our region, is a great value whether you just buy one for yourself or several to give as holiday gifts.  The cost is $6 per copy, including postage.  It is even less expensive in quantities of five to nine copies ($5 postpaid) and 10 or more copies ($4 postpaid).

Send a check or money order, payable to UVM, to Garden Calendars, Department of Plant and Soil Science, Hills Building, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 05405.

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